Machida Zelvia vs Matsumoto Yamaga Prediction | J.League 2 |11/15

Machida Zelvia vs Matsumoto Yamaga prediction – Match football match Machida Zelvia vs Matsumoto Yamaga – 5:00 am on November 15, 2020 – J.League 2

Machida Zelvia vs Matsumoto Yamaga Prediction


  • Match date: 5:00 am on Sunday 15th November 2020
  • Event: J.League 2
  • Stage: Matchday 34th
  • Location: Machida Stadium


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  • Machida Zelvia is in a series of extremely pathetic performances in the last appearances in the Japanese second division when they have lost all 4 matches, sadly most of them are failures against opponents who are not too strong in the tournament right now. More than that, Machida Zelvia has also experienced 6 consecutive matches without knowing the joy of victory.
  • On the other side of the front line, Matsumoto Yamaga is in relatively impressive form as they have lost a lot over the past several months. In the last 9 matches played only once, Matsumoto Yamaga has received defeat, even the unbeaten series Matsumoto Yamaga owns is extending to 5 with 3 wins and 2 draws.

Machida Zelvia vs Matsumoto Yamaga prediction

  • H1 score: Machida Zelvia 0 – 1 Matsumoto Yamaga
  • H1 Asian Handicap: Matsumoto Yamaga -0
  • H1 Over/Under: Over


  • Machida Zelvia played at home in the next round of the Japanese second division. Their goal now is to quickly close the series of gloomy days with a win or at least a score against Matsumoto Yamaga. But this is relatively impossible when Machida Zelvia does not have the strength compared to the visitors at this time. 
  • Not to mention their performance is extremely pathetic with the last 4 losing matches, while the away team is very prosperous when there are continuously score results that are mainly victories over the past few weeks. So if both teams continue to show the past, 1 victory could be within the reach of the away team Matsumoto Yamaga even though they have to play away from home.
Machida Zelvia vs Matsumoto Yamaga Prediction
  • Machida Zelvia’s attacker has had a relatively poor form of goal during the past time when, in addition to bluff, they only scored a maximum of 1 goal against the opponent. Meanwhile, Matsumoto Yamaga has not maintained a really high performance in recent appearances, their good results come thanks to quite a lot of solid defense and quite a little conceding. 

Machida Zelvia vs Matsumoto Yamaga prediction: 

  • FT score: Machida Zelvia 0 – 1 Matsumoto Yamaga
  • FT Asian Handicap: Matsumoto Yamaga +0.25
  • FT Over/Under: Under


  • The confrontation record is still temporarily on Machida Zelvia with 5 wins, 1 draw and 4 defeats out of the last 10 encounters. However, with the above analysis of class, gameplay and especially performance, experts have come to the conclusion that Matsumoto Yamaga will defeat Machida Zelvia with a gentle victory, thereby balancing the performance against their own opponents.
  • Machida Zelvia vs Matsumoto Yamaga prediction: Matsumoto Yamaga  FT


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  • Machida Zelvia: Settsu, Yamada, Kuriyama, Kaga, Takahiro, Takahashi, Honda, Nakamura, Baiano, Rodrigues, Nagato.
  • Matsumoto Yamaga: Junto Taguchi, Koya Kazama, Koki Kazama, Takuma Abe, Yoshio Koizumi, Keigo Numata, Lee Yon Jick, Shunsuke Motegi, Yuya Torikai, Daisei Suzuki, Kazumasa Uesato.