M.U Will Win Man City In The Sancho Case

The race between the two Manchester teams to take Jadon Sancho’s sign seems to be inclined towards M.U.

Thanks to the opponent losing the ticket to the Champions League, the Red Devil can snatch this ‘super hot’ star if they finish fifth in the Premier League.

M.U will win Man City in the Sancho case

The financial ability of the best money-earning team in the world allows M.U to pursue this expensive deal. Meanwhile, money has never been a problem for Man City. They are just stuck in spending money. The goal of not breaking the law is a hard problem. Need to know that, just because shopping is too comfortable and unable to balance the income and expenditure, Man City was “captured” by the UEFA financial monitoring team.

Only then, the green team in Manchester faces a penalty ban for attending European Cups for 2 years. The Green Man is appealing to the International Sports Arbitration Court (CAS), but according to the assessment, the probability that they win the case in this June trial is quite low.

Because of that, according to the Mirror, the balance of the Jadon Sancho deal is showing signs of inclining towards M.U. The Dortmund striker only wants to go to which team is in the Champions League.

This, the City can not promise now. Meanwhile, the plague suddenly struck Green Man’s head again, bringing luck to the red Man. Because if Man City is eliminated, the fifth team in the Premier League table will be promoted to a group of 4 teams with tickets to the Champions League next season. And that fifth team, currently M.U.

The Jadon Sancho deal is showing signs of inclining towards M.U
The Jadon Sancho deal is showing signs of inclining towards M.U

MU is the team with the biggest opportunity to recruit Sancho

In March, Sancho once said that although there are many interested teams, he still gives special support to M.U. Meanwhile, the bookmaker has also rated the Reds as the team with the best chance to recruit Sancho. M.U is far ahead of giants like Chelsea, Liverpool, or Barca. And Man City, the house Paddy Power has quickly removed the name from the track.

As long as they keep their current position until the tournament is over, coach Ole Solskjaer’s team almost certainly fulfills the most important condition for Sancho, which is to attend the Champions League. Money, Solskjaer does not worry because according to the Mirror, Vice President Ed Woodward has pledged to inject at least £ 50 million more into the purchasing budget which is quite abundant of MU if the team reaches the Top 5 target. MU’s most worry now is only the thinking of the judges at CAS. If these players believe that Man City deserves to be punished, no opponent will be determined to stop the Red Devils coming to Sancho.

MU worried when Bayern Munich approached Sancho

Bayern Munich has contacted Dortmund about the transfer of Jadon Sancho – MU’s top target next season. The English winger is a name that coach Solskjaer would like to have, after the impressive performances in the Bundesliga recently.

M.U worried when Bayern Munich approached Sancho
MU worried when Bayern Munich approached Sancho

But according to ESPN, Dortmund’s rival Bayern Munich has taken the first steps to transfer Sancho. Although the Covid-19 epidemic is affecting the global football background, Lobster Gray is still determined to recruit a quality winger this summer.

Leroy Sane is considered the number one goal. But if it is difficult to negotiate, Bayern Munich will turn to Jadon Sancho.

Currently, the owner of Signal Iduna-Park Stadium has cost Sancho about £ 100 million. If Bayern is enthusiastic, they need to pile up the amount that the opponent demands. However, MU will not be easy to leave, although according to the latest financial statements, their debt soared over the past year.

Bayern Munich joined the race for autographs Sancho
Bayern Munich joined the race for autographs Sancho

Solskjaer sees Sancho as the number one solution on the right-wing. Moreover, the former Man City player has all the elements that MU leaders require.

The core issue will depend on Sancho personally. If he wants to return to England, Old Trafford is the most suitable destination.