Luxembourg vs Montenegro prediction on September 9th, 2020

Luxembourg vs Montenegro prediction – Luxembourg vs Montenegro is a confrontation that will take place at 01h45 on 09/09. This is the match that belongs to the 2nd round of the UEFA Nations League. Current Luxembourg vs Montenegro performance is of equal strength.

Will the outcome of this match between Luxembourg vs Montenegro be like? Invite you to come to the judgment of the world of Luxembourg vs Montenegro prediction football right in the following article.

Luxembourg vs Montenegro prediction

Luxembourg vs Montenegro prediction


  • Luxembourg: Maurice Deville, Dirk Carlson, Lars Christian Krogh Gerson, Maxine Chanot, Laurent Jans, David Turpel, Anthony Moris, Leandro Barreiro Martins, Aldin Skenderovic, Vincent Thill, Gerson Rodrigues.
  • Montenegro: Aleksandar Boljevic, Marko Vesovic, Marko Simic, Igor Vujacic, Momcilo Raspopovic, Branislav Jankovic, Matija Sarkic, Damir Kojasevic, Nikola Vukcevic, Sead Haksabanovic, Stefan Mugosa.


  • Luxembourg received defeat the only time the two teams met.
Luxembourg vs Montenegro prediction

History record of Luxembourg vs Montenegro


Falling into the group is quite easy with only Belarus being a better-qualified team, so the fact that Luxembourg won second place in Group D2 is not surprising at all. Being promoted to League C will be a huge step for coach Luc Holtz and they will do everything they can to survive at the end of the season.

Only finishing third in Group C4 makes Montenegro have to stay in League C this season, but that achievement is very good if you look at opponents like Serbia or Romania in the group. This will help coach Faruk Hadzibegic’s players gain more confidence to complete their tasks in the upcoming UEFA Nations League campaign.

Being considered a team with better squad quality compared to the rest of Group C1 this year, so Montenegro received a lot of trusts. Meanwhile, a team that has just been promoted like Luxembourg will also be an unknown for every team in the group they attend, so a surprise can completely happen.

Luxembourg vs Montenegro prediction

Montenegro is the team that holds more advantages in this match


In the last 4 home matches of Luxembourg, there have been 3 times they have to lose, along with 1 draw. On the other side, Montenegro also did not do a good job on away field when he did not know the smell of victory in 4 marches. However, a better ability will be the condition for the guests to win.

In the only encounter with each other, Montenegro won an extremely overwhelming victory on away field with a score of 4-1 against Luxembourg, which helps their confidence to be very high when they continue to be a guest. in this rematch. The difference in odds also shows that it is Montenegro who is the most appreciated.

The attackers show a rather poor performance of Luxembourg that only helped them get 3 goals in the last 5 matches, but the defence was even worse when conceding 15 goals. The strikers on the Montenegro side also only opened fire 5 times after 5 matches, so this first match is unlikely to end with more than 2 goals.

Our final score Luxembourg vs Montenegro prediction is 0 – 2