Luka Jovic: The shell costs 60 million euros

Each revolution has always had its losses, with the revolution of personnel like at the Bernabeu there are always unavoidable risks, and Luka Jovic is the expense of president Florentino Perez.

Luka Jovic: The shell costs 60 million euros

If you consider the season is still ongoing under normal conditions, compared with himself in the previous season, the Serbian striker is throwing himself into a dark corner and has no way out. By the end of March last year, Luka Jovic had scored 24 goals for Eintracht Frankfurt and was so convinced, Zidane was forced to give the green light to President Florentino Perez to compete with Barcelona to sign him.

The dark corner of a talent

Those 24 goals did not appear at the Bernabeu, the scoring speed and confidence that became part of some miraculous story and no more real than the bitter truth for the French legend and president Perez.

After 771 minutes of play counted for 22 games, the 23-year-old striker scored 2 goals. He arrived in Madrid with the price of 60 million euros, so each goal Jovic scored is worth up to 30 million euros? But what happens next is truly disastrous. He became the focus of criticism for excessive show up in his home country.

“He earned millions of euros and refused the request to isolate himself at home, unfortunately, he was a bad example for the children in this country,” Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic criticized. Luka Jovic is burdened when he gives himself the right to disobey the government’s quarantine requirements and attend his girlfriend’s birthday.

“If he leaves the house again, he will be arrested,” President Aleksandar Vucic did not seem to hide his anger at the Real Madrid star, “I want to make it clear that the people’s lives are more important than his money. “

Luka Jovic turned himself into an idiot when he returned to Serbia after La Liga was postponed, and the way he behaved at the back of the pitch seemed to be a common story of young talents lacking professionalism and determination.

Luka Jovic has caused great trouble for Real Madrid and himself recently because of his behavior during the plague season.
Luka Jovic has caused great trouble for Real Madrid and himself recently because of his behavior during the plague season.

Or more simply that is the way people relieve the pressure when they can not play football as expected, and completely hide in a lonely shell at Bernabeu. If so, then everything is more serious, because it belongs to psychological issues. It could kill Luka Jovic’s career, the way Gareth Bale is going through.

In fact, Jovic has signs of psychological instability in front of the big stars at the Bernabeu, he does not have the necessary connection with teammates both on and off the pitch, appearing shy in the media. and always run away when interviewed. He has no connection with the fans, gets into a corner of himself and doesn’t dare to cope with the pressure. Most importantly, he didn’t understand what Zidane meant to him during training sessions and in matches.

Can he come back?

Before mentioning a spectacular return on the pitch, Luka Jovic needs to return to Spain as soon as possible, as Serbia’s blockade order is indefinitely and it is unknown when it is lifted.

Luka Jovic needs to be in Madrid, even if just to practice at home, it is also necessary for him to be in the eyes of Zinedine Zidane. At least the French coach knows that the shy student retains professionalism and a desire to play football.

There are examples out there for Jovic to learn, one of which is Luka Modric, who seemed to be unable to budge even after the brilliant 2018 World Cup, but his persistence and professionalism gave him money defender to return to Real Madrid’s lineup.

Luka Jovic: The shell costs 60 million euros

Zidane always believes in people who are dedicated and working on the training ground, as well as fighting hard on the pitch. Thibaut Courtois experienced heavy moments after a disastrous performance at the Club Brugge draw in the Champions League last October, but he did not surrender easily and returned to the wooden frame spectacularly.

Luka Jovic can make himself glory again, but first, he must step out of the heavy shell and adapt to a new life at the Bernabeu.
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