Liverpool Welcomed Extremely Sad News, Risk Losing 4 Big Stars

Liverpool is at risk of losing Salah, Mane and two other pillars next year at a critical time due to the negative impact of the global pandemic.

Liverpool welcomed extremely sad news, risk losing 4 big stars early next year

Liverpool is facing a difficult situation because the global pandemic caused the Premier League to be postponed and will not return at least until April 30. It also means that “The Kop” will have to postpone the date of the early coronation even though they are only 18 points away from their 18th national championship in history and are the first in the Premier League era to have 6 points.

In the meantime, another headache problem for teachers and coach Jurgen Klopp related to the fact that they are at high risk of losing a series of pillars of both attack and defense next season because of the schedule of the Tokyo Olympic Games and the Champions League. African countries (CAN) have to move to next year because of the global epidemic.

Liverpool can lose Salah up to 4 months in the 2020/21 season because he is busy serving the national team and the Olympic Olympic team in Egypt and the Tokyo Olympics.
Liverpool can lose Salah up to 4 months in the 2020/21 season because he is busy serving the national team and the Olympic Olympic team in Egypt and the Tokyo Olympics.

The Egyptian Football Federation still wants Mohamed Salah to compete at the Tokyo Olympics to be rescheduled, possibly moving to the spring of next year at the proposal of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The Liverpool 11-star star can attend the Olympic Games in Japan with one of three places for players over the age of 23 of the Egyptian Olympic men’s soccer team.

Meanwhile, the African Football Cup in 2021 in Cameroon has moved from summer to January and February – something that coach Jurgen Klopp considered a disaster.

As such, Liverpool could lose Egypt’s Salah, Senegal’s Sadio Mane, Cameroon’s Joel Matip and Guinea’s Naby Keita for the tournament in Africa.

If Salah attends both events, it is likely that he will be on international duty for several months, with a maximum of 4 months.

Egypt U23 coach Shawky Gharib said: “The postponement of the Olympics will not disrupt our plans. We have plans for B. Salah to be one of the best players in the world and any coach. Everybody wants to invite him to his team, so our door is still open. “

In return, the postponement of the Olympics will help Salah and Takumi Minamino – who is expected to play for the Japanese Olympic Games – can fully join Liverpool in the training session before next season.

The high risk of Liverpool without the service of the quartet Salah, Mane, Matip and Keita up to in the next 4 months will be a big challenge for the Anfield team but will open a great opportunity to compete for the championship. Premier League for their major rivals Man City, MU or Chelsea next season.

FIFA put historic solution between the epidemic, Chelsea is the happiest, why?

During an online meeting held on March 26, FIFA acknowledged the impact that Covid-19 had on football activities as “very large”. Accordingly, the football management agency has made a number of proposals for major changes in the laws related to player contracts, transfer markets and international competition.

FIFA will relax the rules to help clubs
FIFA will relax the rules to help clubs

First, about the player contract. FIFA believes that the due date is written on the contract (usually July 1 or June 30), which is seen as representing a season, when that time is usually the end of the seasons. As proposed by FIFA, the new contract expiry date should be set to a new end of the season. Similarly with new contracts, the start date should also be the day on which the new season will start.

FIFA insists “a team should be given priority to end the season with the existing squad”. Loan agreements will also be extended accordingly. Looking at the list of stars who will expire on June 30, it can be seen that Chelsea will benefit from this proposal of FIFA when they will still have the service of 3 players Willian, Pedro and Giroud for the rest of the season. Besides, Tottenham can still keep Vertonghen and Ighalo will continue to fight with MU.

About the deal between the player and the club. A pandemic broke out so the players could not practice and compete. At the proposal of FIFA, clubs and players are encouraged to work directly with each other to agree on the delay and reduce the appropriate salary for each stage of work suspension.

Second, about the transfer market. At the request of FIFA, all requests to extend or change the period of player registration took place, were approved as long as no longer than 16 weeks. All requests to postpone the transfer market have not yet been approved. Member federations should have the right to amend the player registration date.

Finally, about international competition. On March 13, FIFA decided that clubs would not allow players to join the national team in March and April. Most likely this will also apply to June and July. As such, it is highly likely that there will be no international competition in the near future.
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