Liverpool still has the greatest season in the Premier League

Liverpool was unable to maintain the unbeaten performance after losing to Watford 0-3, but that did not lose the value that they did compare to the feat of “Arsenal Invincible” established.


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Failure is like a huge shock to both experts and fans before Watford made Liverpool miss the opportunity to catch up with Arsenal’s 49 unbeaten matches in the Premier League, lasting from 7/5/2003. until 10/16/2004.

Even so, the record of 44 games without losing after 422 days and a string of 18 consecutive Premier League wins is still unthinkable at the moment. It is even considered a legendary Liverpool season, a legacy worth the Liverpudlian worship.

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Under the guidance of Juergen Klopp, Liverpool has become a comprehensive team capable of sweeping all obstacles along the way, in every arena, both at home and abroad for the past two years.

The legend is written by Liverpool every weekend and their names are inscribed on every trophy won in the traditional room that contains many trophies. Of course, the special story of Liverpool will only begin when captain Jordan Henderson lifted the Premier League silver cup in May.

The 2019/20 Premier League championship will be the sweet achievement that Liverpool make
The 2019/20 Premier League championship will be the sweet achievement that Liverpool make

With the unbeaten series of Arsene Wenger, it is a strange legacy. An unbeaten season has put Arsenal on the podium and it is great in every way to compare before a super tournament can appear in Europe to erase them all.

For the past 16 years, since Arsenal’s divine season, people have been divided by their views on their achievements or the way they win. In other words, people don’t seem to talk about how great an unbeaten achievement is, but why no team has done so well.

That is the tragedy of a story. After all, Chelsea was the team that won more points than Arsenal at the end of the following season and Man United won more titles in 2008.

The “Conquerors of Liverpool” have helped us solve exactly the problem. Because they do things that Arsenal could not do after that. It was the European title, to begin with, in which they defeated the champions Germany, Spain and France on the way to win.

Then there was the fact that Liverpool was like an F1 running on a track with tremendous speed and no brakes. They show tremendous strength in the Premier League when unbeaten 27/28 matches, including 26 victories to date.

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But perhaps the most impressive thing about Liverpool’s incredible performance this season is the way they do it in the context of increasingly difficult and fierce competition.

This is the stage of the Top 6, not the monopoly of Man United or Arsenal like more than a decade ago. Now, teams are stronger on people and tactics than in 2004. New power groups have been created and confirmed their strength over time.

Pep Guardiola’s Man City became extraordinary like Klopp’s Liverpool. Meanwhile, many teams are on the verge of relegation owning players that even the upper half of the rankings of 16 years ago dreamed of not having.

Liverpool may lose, but what they can do in the current difficult times is unbelievable.

The 49-match unbeaten run has deified Arsenal, but that is not the goal of Wenger. “I don’t have a medal or anything,” the French strategist said of the 49-match unbeaten record. “You come to my house will be surprised. No trophies, no medals, nothing. “

Wenger’s goal at the time was to depose United’s dominance. He simply wanted an unbeaten team because at least for him, that was the culmination of his philosophy.

Basically, Arsenal is built on the trust Wenger places on his players. This is almost a risk or a gamble because none of the players under the guidance of the French teacher is a star at a young age.

Strictly speaking, Wenger gave them oversized shirts, out of reach.

However, Wenger’s army rushes forward with impressive matches every weekend. The unbeatable belief lifted them to the clouds. It turned Thiery Henry from a not so good striker at Juventus into the greatest player ever to wear Arsenal.

Confidence sparked Henry’s superb performance with a 5-1 win over Inter Milan, at the San Siro in the Champions League in 2003 and then against Liverpool at Highbury in an unbeaten season. there.

Wenger’s 2003 Arsenal is truly great. They were unbeaten in 49 matches, including the 2003/04 unbeaten season with 26 wins and 12 draws. However, these are just numbers in Wenger’s record, because the day he left Arsenal after 22 years of attachment, there was nothing to keep that feat.

Only the people involved with Wenger, from Cesc Fabregas to Bob Wilson, talked about Wenger with respect and trust, with the honorable nickname: Professor.

Juergen Klopp and Arsene Wenger are two of the greatest managers in the Premier League
Juergen Klopp and Arsene Wenger are two of the greatest managers in the Premier League

Klopp’s Liverpool is like the magic of mathematics. A tactical masterpiece that can disrupt any opponent they choose. They are like a superhuman team and throwing champions with ease as they reach into their pockets. They are the strongest, most technical and impressive team Premier League has ever seen.

Although Liverpool has not been able to level 49 of Arsenal’s unbeaten match, it does not reduce the value of the “invincible Arsenal”. The 2004 championship title is not proof that they are the greatest team of all time.

Of course, the special story of Liverpool will only begin when captain Jordan Henderson lifted the Premier League silver cup in May.

It was the story of a football coach, who told people about his dream, laughed at them and eventually proved them wrong. It is a lesson of what can be done and pure belief.

For the next 16 years, the question kept asking every year, whether any team could make such a feat as the “Arsenal unbeaten 2003” ever had. And that is why Arsenal has always been compared to excellent modern teams, whether worthy or not.

Arsenal owns 49 wins with style and confidence. Liverpool also possesses 44 unbeaten matches with their style, confidence, and desire to win, which motivates them to become stronger than Arsenal.

In the past 30 years, Liverpool has never won the English championship, so every match is an opportunity for them to devote to the team. Liverpool may be unbeaten in the chain, but the Premier championship at the end of the season will be a reward, priceless gift for their magical season. That is the purpose and value of the achievements that Liverpool strives towardsPremier.
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