Liverpool Should Recruit Leroy Sane Instead Of Traore

Former defender Danny Mills of Man City has just “caused his resentment” with the fans when advising Liverpool rivals to spend money to buy Leroy Sane instead of recruiting Adama Traore (Wolves).

Liverpool should recruit Leroy Sane instead of the ‘monster’ Traore

Danny Mills explained why he advised Liverpool to choose Leroy Sane instead of Adama Traore: “It is true that Adama Traore made many accents from his strength and speed. But to enter the championship squad, to replacing someone like Sadio Mane or Mo Salah, I think Traore is not enough.

It could be someone like Leroy Sane. Sane is about to come back from injury and is rumored to be leaving recently. Basically, Leroy Sane is young and a great talent and also possesses rich playing experience. However, I am not sure if Manchester City will accept to sell Leroy Sane to Liverpool. “

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Before the 2019/20 season was postponed due to the global pandemic, coach Pep Guardiola once confirmed that Leroy Sane could play against Arsenal on March 11. However, Sane will have to wait longer to play.

At this time, Sane’s future in Man City is no longer guaranteed. The German international came to Man City from Schalke in 2016. Since then, Leroy Sane has made 134 appearances in all competitions and scored 39 goals.

Liverpool Should Recruit Leroy Sane Instead Of Traore

Leroy Sane also won seven different titles during that time with the starting kick under Guardiola. But in the 2019/20 season, he could not contribute much to Man City due to a tendon injury in the Super Cup match against Liverpool in August last year.

The contract between Leroy Sane and Man City will expire in June 2021. Currently, City City also intends to retain Sane but the German international can consider repatriation when receiving special attention from Bayern Munich for months.

Bayern has not given up on Leroy Sane until now, but not so long ago, Bayern CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge ruled out the possibility of using David Alaba in exchange for a City player. Therefore, if it is not possible to achieve this goal at a reasonable price, Bayern is likely to think about switching to Adama Traore, although it is not easy to have the Spanish winger. Wolves’ side is said to have screamed Traore selling price of not less than 100 million euros.

Liverpool staff are frustrated with the ‘vile’ behavior of the club

Many Liverpool staff expressed their frustration when the club decided to let some people take a break, making them feel alienated.

Liverpool Should Recruit Leroy Sane Instead Of Traore

Specifically, Liverpool gave some employees a break according to a government plan during the global pandemic. They are actually still on the payroll but are not paid. To support these employees, the UK government is offering to pay 80% of their wages, up to £ 2,500 per month until they return to full-time employment.

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On the Liverpool side, the Anfield team confirmed they will pay the remaining 20% ​​of the remaining money to ensure the above employees still receive 100% of the salary. However, this decision of Liverpool has faced widespread criticism, even from former players.

An unnamed Liverpool employee sadly told BBC Sport: “The club calls the staff their family, but I don’t feel like a family member. million pounds use the government plan with their employees, while more businesses need it? I feel disappointed, I find that the government plan will help the businesses that I am meeting. more trouble “.

Not only Liverpool but many Premier League clubs including Newcastle, Tottenham, Norwich and Bournemouth also gave some employees a break to reduce the budget load during the pandemic season.

Liverpool‘s announcement came Wednesday after top teams met representatives of players and coaches to discuss possible pay cuts during the Premier League pause due to the impact of the pandemic.

Last month, Liverpool revealed they would pay employees to do and not be on duty on the day of the remaining four games that have been postponed at Anfield’s home ground in the Premier League.

Last year, Liverpool recorded a record profit of 42 million pounds, and this is the reason why employees are frustrated by the “fake poor” behavior of the club.

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