The prospect of Liverpool not winning the Premier League 2020

Many characters related to the top league of the fog country do not rule out the possibility of canceling the results of the 2019/20 season, meaning that Liverpool can not win the Premier League 2020.

British media reported that the Premier League 2020 organizers wanted to get the opinions of 20 participating clubs before officially making a decision on the 2019/20 season next week. If there are at least 14 votes in favor, the results of the 2019/20 season will be canceled. This means that Liverpool will not be able to lift the first Premier League 2020 championship in history.

Liverpool is in danger of not being able to win the Premier League 2020 despite taking many advantages.
Liverpool is in danger of not being able to win the Premier League 2020 despite taking many advantages.

Who wants to cancel the season?

Liverpool fans have grounds to worry. Last weekend, British media reported that many clubs filed a request to cancel the 2019/20 Premier League 2020 season after the appearance of coach Mikel Arteta (Arsenal) and player Callum Hudson-Odoi (Chelsea) positive for corona virus.

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The top league in the UK operates on the principle of a joint-stock company with 20 member teams acting as shareholders. Decisions made by the Premier League 2020 are independent, based on opinions from shareholders. The Football Association of England (FA) has no right to direct or interfere with the organization of the tournament.

According to Premier League 2020 rules, the championship is given to a team only when 38 rounds of the season are completed.

Analysis from Givemesport shows that there will be about 7 teams who want the season to be completed or finished based on the current rankings. Besides Liverpool, clubs like Leicester City, Wolves, Burnley, Crystal Palace, Manchester United and Sheffield United will not want to cancel the result because the current rankings are more beneficial to them.

If the 2019/20 Premier League 2020 season is canceled, European Cup qualification can be calculated according to the previous season and there is no relegation team. To ensure fairness, the Premier League 2020 can increase the team participating in a season to help the Championship teams. This is also the plan considered by the Bundesliga.

Therefore, Leicester City and Manchester United – the teams ranked 3rd and 5th in turn, will not want the results of the 2019/20 season to be canceled. The current position will help MU participate in the Champions League, if Man City is banned from attending the European Cup as a penalty by UEFA.

Teams like Burnley (10th in the rankings), Palace (11), Sheffield (7), Wolves (6) are having a successful season. They stay away from the relegation group and are getting a chance to compete for the European Cup.

In addition, Chelsea is also a team that may be confused. However, “The Blues” will gain more benefits if the season is canceled, due to the top 4 race is quite intense. If they took the results last season, they would automatically qualify for the Champions League due to finishing in 3rd place.

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Other big clubs like Man City, Arsenal, Tottenham are having a bad season, and the cancellation of the 2019/20 season will give them a chance to remake in the new season. Arsenal and Tottenham, in particular, are still eligible for the Champions League next season due to the results from the previous season.

The rest of the teams are in the relegation group with a close distance like Newcastle, Everton, Brighton, Bournemouth, Aston Villa, Norwich, Southampton, Watford or West Ham and will definitely want to start from the beginning of the new season.

As such, it is possible that MU’s vote will determine whether the Premier League 2020‘s 2019/20 season results are canceled or not. Many MU fans hope the BLD team can cancel the season to make Liverpool, not champions, even if MU can not attend the Champions League next season if the league takes the rank from 2018/19, the season “Red Devils” ranked Final Friday.

MU's vote could provide a decisive factor in whether the Premier League 2020 season can be canceled.
MU’s vote could provide a decisive factor in whether the Premier League 2020 season can be canceled.

What do the Insiders say?

West Ham vice president Karren Brady affirmed the best option for the Premier League 2020 was to cancel the results of the 2019/20 season. “If the tournament cannot be completed, the final result of the season needs to be canceled,” Brady told Goal. “It is the fairest and reasonable plan”.

Even Brady wrote a long post on The Sun with the headline: “Sorry Liverpool, but the results of the Premier League 2020 season should be canceled if the player cannot continue playing.”

After receiving indignation from many fans, Brady had to personally defend that “Liverpool deserves the championship with the current points gap”. However, she also asserted that when the season could not end, people could not claim anything.

Former player Alan Shearer said that when the Premier League 2020 could not finish the season, people could not give the title to anyone. “Liverpool will feel extremely disappointed, but when 38 rounds cannot be completed, it is reasonable to not give the championship to any team,” the BBC commentator said.

However, there are also many views that Liverpool should be awarded the title even if the 2019/20 Premier League 2020 season is canceled. MEN comment deserves the championship, and a Premier League 2020 title for them would be a reasonable fit.

The votes of Arsenal or MU could create a turning point for the decision to cancel the 2019/20 season.
The votes of Arsenal or MU could create a turning point for the decision to cancel the 2019/20 season.

Other possibilities

Former player Jermaine Jenas said any option given when the tournament was canceled would not satisfy every Premier League 2020 club. The best solution is for the season to continue no matter how long you wait.

The Premier League 2020 is still waiting for a verdict from UEFA about the organization of EURO 2020 at which time the next solution will be given. The leader of European football is considering two options, organize the EURO at the end of 2020 or move to the summer of 2021.

If the EURO moves to 2021, the Premier League 2020 season can play next summer. The Premier League is currently only postponed until April 3. However, depending on the situation of Covid-19 translation, the Premier League organizers may postpone longer.

Last weekend, The Times revealed that FA President Greg Clarke informed the Premier League organizers that he did not think the top English league could finish the 2019/20 season. Clarke feared that football activities in the UK might even be postponed until September. This information was made by Clarke after attending an emergency meeting between British football makers on Friday in London.

Other solutions such as organizing a play-off kick to determine the championship and relegation are not even mentioned by the English clubs because of injustice. In Italy, the clubs in Serie A recently rejected the proposal in Serie A considering the plan to cancel the results of the season, meaning that there is no championship team in Serie A 2019/20.

The Premier League 2020 is facing many difficult and unprecedented problems in history.
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