Liverpool Goalkeeper Adrian Is Threatened After Making A Mistake

Liverpool goalkeeper Adrian has received insults and threats after making a serious mistake in the Champions League against Atletico.

Liverpool goalkeeper Adrian is threatened after making a mistake in the Champions League

Liverpool had no number one goalkeeper Alisson injured and then had to see Adrian make a mistake in the first goal against Atletico Madrid.

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This mistake led to Marcos Llorente pulling back 1-2 for Atletico before the Spanish midfielder completed the double and Alvaro Morata fixed the score 3-2.

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After the failure, Adrian posted a status line on social networks and was responded to by many messages from fans.

Adrian made a mistake that led to Liverpool's loss
Adrian made a mistake that led to Liverpool’s loss

He wrote that he was very sad and disappointed by the result last night, obviously, that was not what they expected. Thanks to all the fans who supported them, they still had big goals that season.

In response, some say Adrian should never play for Liverpool again. Others even threatened the goalkeeper “to die”, or ascribed to disgrace.

The most prominent answer to Adrian’s post on Twitter was: “Get out of my club, you’ve been rejected by West Ham!”.

Liverpool fans want Adrian to tear his contract and never play for Liverpool again if he has his pride.

Adrian was criticized by Liverpool fans
Adrian was criticized by Liverpool fans

Hundreds of messages sent to Adrian say “Adrian die”, while many others call him “disgrace”.

Speaking after the match, coach Jurgen Klopp said the goalkeeper was not worth blaming for his defeat.

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“He didn’t want to happen that, he saved us for so many moments. Ever since here, he has had superb performances.

One fan gave a comment that if he loses a match, he will always give different reasons.

Liverpool was eliminated in the Champions League with the unprecedented outcome of Klopp’s time

Liverpool took the lead thanks to Gini Wijnaldum’s goal, forcing the two teams to play extra time. They continued to create an advantage when Roberto Firmino increased the lead to 2-0. However, the mistake of goalkeeper Adrian opened the collapse of the Red Army.

Losing 2-3 in extra time and being eliminated with a total score of 2-4, Liverpool were stopped by Atletico 25 games unbeaten at home in the European Cup (18 wins, 7 draws).

Liverpool lost against Atletico at home
Liverpool lost against Atletico at home

This is the first time Liverpool have failed to qualify for the European Cup after two matches under Klopp after having succeeded all 10 times before.

For Liverpool alone, for the first time since 2006 (before Benfica), they did not pass the 1/8 round of the Champions League under the same scenario. At that time, The Kop was also the defending champion with the 2005 sign.

Liverpool collapsed in extra time
Liverpool collapsed in extra time

A painful statistic for Klopp and his students is the second time in the club’s history that Liverpool has led 2 goals at home in the European Cup and still fail. Before that, they lost to Udinese 2-3 in 2012 in the Europa League.

In the end, the 62 crosses that Liverpool made against Atletico – the most since 2016/17 – became meaningless with a collapse in extra time.
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