Lithuania vs Northern Ireland Prediction | WC Qual. UEFA | 09/02

Lithuania vs Northern Ireland prediction: In the same group with extremely strong counterweights such as Italy and Switzerland, the opportunity for both to continue in this competition. This season is really tough. The most obvious proof is that the away team has not got any wins. The home team has lost all of the previous 3 matches. Whether the home field advantage is available, can Lithuania bring themselves a first victory?

Lithuania vs Northern Ireland Prediction


  • Match date: 06:45 p.m – 2021/09/02
  • Event: World Cup Qual. UEFA
  • Stage: Matchday 3rd



The home team is in extremely bad form recently, they have lost all 5 matches and have scored 11 goals and only scored 2 goals for themselves. The lack of stability is causing the team to face many difficulties in recent times. Perhaps with its immaturity, in such a world-class arena Lithuania still cannot do anything unexpected. And did not bring back any points, also showing that the possibility of them stopping after the group stage is very high. This is considered a very bad season and without any proper preparation of both the coach and the players, promising a failed match waiting for them.

Lithuania vs Northern Ireland Prediction

R​​eaching the final round of the 2018 World Cup makes Northern Ireland highly expected this season. However, they are not playing well when they did not win the first 2 rounds and only brought back 1 draw against Bulgaria in the previous round. Therefore, Northern Ireland is currently only ranked 3rd with only 1 point. However, in the last 2 friendly matches, the away team is regaining their inherent form, they have consecutive victories, thereby adding morale and confidence to the players for the upcoming trip. next. And against a not-too-strong opponent, Northern Ireland will aim for a complete victory in this match.

In the direct confrontations of the two teams, there are very few goals scored, in the last 2 matches, the score is 1 goal. Defensive play is definitely still the brand that Northern Ireland has built in recent times. On the home side, they are also considered one of the teams with extremely bad attacks in this group. So this is a slow and tight game with few goals.

Select: Under 2 FT.


The home team gives fans a sense of insecurity as they play, having not won a single game in their last 10 outings enough to understand how deplorable it is. In an overwhelming arena, Lithuania is showing their disparity in performance and experience compared to their rivals. Having a poor record is part of the pressure on young, immature players. On the other side, Northern Ireland with the certainty of play along with years of going deeper into the tournament makes them more confident in this march.

Select: Northern Ireland FT.


If looking at the matches that Lithuania is showing in recent times, superficiality in the gameplay, the attack plan is too ineffective and the defense always makes mistakes and there is no certainty at all. The away team is different, although not having a favorable result in the first days, Northern Ireland has always shown focus and cohesion in people. Recent wins are a very clear example of gradually regaining confidence and inherent form. Believing that against a weak opponent, Northern Ireland will bring themselves to victory in the next match.

Lithuania vs Northern Ireland Prediction

Select: Northern Ireland FT.

Lithuania vs Northern Ireland Prediction: Lithuania 0-1 Northern Ireland FT (0-0 H1).


Lithuania:  Bartkus, Klimavicius, Baravykas, Simkus, Jankauskas, Palionis, Slivka, Cernych, Laukzemis, Andriuskevicius, Novikovas.

Northern Ireland:  M. Smith, S. Ferguson, J. Thompson, P. McNair, G. Saville, J. Magennis, C. Evans, S. Davis, C. Cathcart, B. Peacock-Farrell, T. Flanagan.

The above is information about the prediction in the 3rd match of World Cup Qual. UEFA between Lithuania vs Northern Ireland on 2021/09/02 of the CMD368 bookie.