Lionel Messi practice extremely “weird” with Barca, waiting for La Liga

Lionel Messi displayed a genius quality on the training ground after Barcelona returned to normal training, waiting for the return of La Liga 2019/20 season. 

Barcelona’s strange training

In the recent training session, instead of finishing or dribbling, Lionel Messi thought of a “weird” exercise: control and put the ball into a small skillful basket.

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Messi thought of the "weird" exercise
Messi thought of the “weird” exercise

Obviously training alone is not a problem for the Argentine superstar. Luis Enrique – former Barcelona coach (2014-2017) once admitted that he could not teach Lionel Messi basic skills, his task is only to help him develop the available qualities for the common play.

Lionel Messi is constantly becoming a focal point

Last time, Lionel Messi constantly became the focus in Barcelona when he decried the new coach Quique Setien and said that Barcelona is difficult to win the Champions League with the current play: “I never doubted the club squad. owns and has no doubt about the possibility that Barcelona will win the remaining tournaments in the season (La Liga and Champions League).

Coach Quique Setien was appointed to the “hot seat” at the Camp Nou in January this year. However, Mr. Quique Setien still has not brought persuasion when leading Barcelona. The team at Camp Nou still disappointed when they lost 0-2 to Real Madrid 2 months ago.

Coach Setien responded to Messi's criticism that Barca was not enough to win the Champions League this year
Coach Setien responded to Messi’s criticism that Barca was not enough to win the Champions League this year

Although Barcelona is still leading the table in La Liga, Lionel Messi believes that the Catalunya team will be hard to win the title in the Champions League front. Barcelona drew 1-1 with Napoli in the first round of the 1/8 Champions League before the season was postponed because of COVID-19.

Immediately after receiving that comment from his pupil Lionel Messi, Coach Setien spoke up: “I can only guarantee that my team will play well, that is the best way to win. is far from the original ideal of the club.”

“Each player has his or her own opinion and should be respected. I feel fortunate to play every year in the Champions League and know that winning is an impossible task if the whole team still plays the way they used to” Lionel Messi said.

Barcelona has been eliminated in the Spanish King’s Cup this year (losing shock Athletic Bilbao 0-1 in the quarterfinals). However, Lionel Messi and his teammates are still raising the ambition to win the noble double title in La Liga and the Champions League this season.

Barcelona and championship efforts

In La Liga, after 27 rounds, Barcelona is leading the table, though only two teams ahead of rivals Real Madrid has 2 points. In the first round of 1/8 Champions League, “The giant of Catalunya” won a significant advantage when holding Napoli 1-1 in Italy.

Barcelona is still trying to conquer both La Liga and the Champions League this season
Barcelona is still trying to conquer both La Liga and the Champions League this season

Former Real Betis – Setien coach was appointed to lead the Nou Camp team in place of his predecessor Ernesto Valverde (fired) on January 13 this year.

According to Marca newspaper, the 61-year-old Spaniard wants to follow Johan Cruyff to build Barcelona with a lot of ball control, good counter-attack, depth, mobility, and effectiveness. Scored goals are soaring.

However, after 4 months in office, coach Setien has not been able to make a mark on his football philosophy. Santander’s army-born Barcelona uses a multi-player rotation and constantly changes tactics from 4-3-3, 3-5-2 to 4-4-2.

Previously, many sources said that Barcelona is facing financial difficulties and considering selling Lionel Messi to Inter Milan.

In April, in the context of the news that Lionel Messi could leave Barcelona in the summer transfer window to join Inter Milan, or repatriate to the club since childhood – Newell’s Old Boys, coach Setien was shocked. when saying: “If Lionel Messi doesn’t have a clear idea in his mind that Barcelona has a clear strategy to conquer the big titles, he will probably leave.”

As planned, the rest of La Liga 2019/20 may return on June 12. Barcelona is leading with 58 points / 27 matches, 2 points higher than rivals Real Madrid.

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