Lingerie football league: On the trend of surging again

The lingerie football league is being rebranded again, now will be called Extreme Football League

A look at the accumulated background

In 2009, the Lingerie Football League Association was born. The Lingerie Football League’s existence was noted thanks to a special pay-per-view view of the Super Bowl called Bowl Underwear held between 2004 and 2006.

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In 2013, the Lingerie Football League Association changed its name to the Legends Football League when the tournament changed to players wearing many different performance-related outfits, the game is still the same as they are wearing lingerie while playing.

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At the end of 2019, the League of Legends football revealed that it would not return for the 2020 season. However, just a few days later, on December 17, 2019, the tournament announced it would rebrand a again, this time called the Extreme Football League, or X League.

The New new X League advertises itself as a new era in women’s empowerment.

In an era of women’s empowerment, the Extreme Football League (or ‘X League’) will begin in April 2020. The X League will make history before playing a game, because the tournament will inform its athletes with ownership as they build their tenure in the sport, reading press releases on the tournament’s website.

‘This is not your father’s football tournament’, the X League will compromise with some of the world’s sportiest women, fighting on a 70-yard pitch, in soccer tackle 7 out of 7. If you miss the old school blue-black football, played by passionate athletes, the X League, is your tournament.

The Lingerie Football League 2020 season will consist of eight (8) teams nationwide with plans to grow into twenty-four (24) US markets. The 2020 season will include Seattle Thunder, Los Angeles Black Storm, Austin Sound, Denver Rush, Chicago Blitz, Atlanta Empire, Columbia Knight and Omaha Red Devils. Official logos, colors, uniforms and helmet designs will be announced in January 2020.

X League games will be played in major arenas and stadiums across the country to include ShoWare Center (Seattle), Toyota Arena (Los Angeles), HEB Center (Austin), Denver Coliseum (Denver) , SeatGeek Stadium (Chicago), Infinite Energy Center (Atlanta), Columbia Auditorium (Columbia) and Ralston Arena (Omaha).

GameDays will be an experience, unlike any other sport, starting with the festival at the tail and once inside the stadium door, get ready for a modern Roman battle. The games will conclude with the home team hosting the after-game meeting and greet with all attending fans.

The opening season of the X League will begin on Saturday, April 11 in Austin, Texas at the HEB Center and end with the first X Cup on Saturday, September 12.

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Spring 2020 will be a busy period of professional Lingerie Football League.

X League is not only meant to play games, there will be XFL and Major League Football, but it turns out it really is one thing.

So when X League- Lingerie Football League kicks off next April, it will join the relentless list of professional football efforts including Lingerie Football League (LFL) v.1 and v.2, XFL v.1 and v.2. , Major League Football, United Football Federation, American Football Union, World Soccer League, Arena Football League, Indoor Soccer League, Spring League, American World Football League, Italy I’m NFL Europe, American Football Federation, Free Football League, Canadian Football Federation, and of course the National Football Federation.

New Announcement from the Lingerie Football League

In the newly announced X League- Lingerie Football League, players can receive a stake in their team at the end of their careers, but only to those who establish their tenure and prove their worth to the tournament. A Superstar program is being created to help athletes create brand opportunities and revenue for themselves, seemingly their main source of income, if not just the source of income to play.

The opening match of the X League will be April 11 when Seattle visits Austin. The 2020 season takes place until the championship conference games on August 29 in Los Angeles, followed by the X Cup title game on September 12.

Regardless of your thoughts on the Lingerie Football League tournament, past broadcast and TV deals with MTV2, YouTube and Fuse mean that people keep watching and women hope to have the opportunity to score goals in organized football. The Lingerie Football League organization continued year after year.
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