Ligue 1 was sued: 17, Lyon teams collapsed, losing € 900 million

Ligue 1 faces the risk of a series of clubs collapsing after being sued by 3 teams for ending the early season.

Ligue 1 ended early, making Lyon seventh and losing to the European Cup quite unfairly

Paris Saint-Germain has been awarded the championship

The Ligue 1 season of 2019/20 has been announced and Paris Saint-Germain has been awarded the championship, but the scandal has lasted since the decision was announced so far. Not only the relegation teams have lost, but the Lyon club also suffered disadvantages due to the loss of qualification for the European Cup.

Ligue 1 ended early, making Lyon seventh and losing to the European Cup quite unfairly
Ligue 1 ended early, making Lyon seventh and losing to the European Cup quite unfairly

Lyon has now sued both Ligue 1 to the Supreme Civil Court of France to demand that the Ligue 1 and the French Football Federation pay compensation to the club. Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas also received support from the leaders of Amiens and Toulouse clubs, two clubs that had to be relegated even though Ligue 1 had not yet finished.

Last week the three clubs sued the court in Paris but were not approved and now they decide to push the matter to the highest level. Aulas even wrote a letter directly to French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe and sports minister Roxana Maracineanu to make his point, in which the bottom line was the huge financial losses they suffered because of the season-ending. end soon,

With the recent Covid-19 epidemic in France and the government allowing sports activities to resume again from June 2, this has added to the recent smoothness of the Bundesliga in Germany, Lyon, Amiens, and Toulouse. There are grounds to ask the French government “to correct the mistake”. Actually the decision to stop the tournament came from the French government but no one else, but they made the decision after studying the text from the Ligue 1 organizers.

Lyon even threatened that if the Ligue 1 clubs did not return to the final rounds, they, along with Amiens and Toulouse, would sue them all and demand financial compensation of up to 700 – 900 million euros. That would be an overwhelming amount of money for many teams, or in other words, Lyon is threatening to bankrupt a series of Ligue 1 teams if not for the next kick.

The Covid-19 epidemic caused French football to suffer as many teams were already in financial instability when they had to pay too high corporate tax rates in the country, even PSG since being taken over by the Qataris had to pay over 1 billion euros in taxes. Fear that no club can afford to fight with Lyon, Amiens and Toulouse if drowning, because the compensation is enough to make a series of teams go bankrupt.

Shocked: PSG established “devil alliance” to beat Lyon, causing Ligue 1 to stop early

Before the season was canceled, PSG was at the top of the table after 28 rounds with 12 points far behind the rest. Marseille and Rennes followed behind PSG, in places with Champions League tickets. Lille and Reims are fourth and fifth respectively – places that qualify for the Europa League. The 2019/20 Ligue 1 championship has been awarded to PSG.

Lyon missed the opportunity to attend European cups for the first time since 1997
Lyon missed the opportunity to attend European cups for the first time since 1997

Lyon, meanwhile, only finished seventh and for the first time, Houllier’s former club missed the chance to qualify for European Cups since 1997. He felt injustice for Lyon when Ligue 1 was postponed: ” There was an alliance between PSG and Marseille, which caused a heavy influence. I think this is a conspiracy to get Lyon out of the game, ”Houllier told OLTV.

“Everything will be hidden because, in the end, it was the French government who made the decision. Before that, I followed all the press conferences with the participation of President Emmanuel Macron, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe. and can claim that they never talk about sports.

But in the end, Ligue 1 was told it could not continue. It was strange that it was the first time they mentioned sports. I find things a bit strange, very unfair. A title race won’t stop on Tuesday, 19th or 28. We go to the end or we consider it worthless, ”Houllier said.

Previously, Lyon President – Mr. Jean-Michel Aulas also repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction before the home team was eliminated from the European Cup and vowed to bring the case to court. Neither PSG nor Marseille have commented on the judgment.