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Ligue 1 matches prediction about the teams’ current performances and the most current matches of the teams, the detailed stats of the upcoming match.

Lille vs Metz – Ligue 1 matches prediction

Ligue 1 matches prediction

Metz’s careful preparation before the start of the new season has not yielded satisfactory results when drying his shirt against Monaco at home in the last round. In the match of the next round of the third round, teachers and coaches Vincent Hognon continue to face the risk of empty-handed when being a guest on Lille’s home field.

Not too excellent but always playing steadily and keeping his style, that’s the beauty of the strikers on the home team. Statistics show that in the last 5 matches in Ligue 1, the team of coach Christophe Galtier had up to 4 times to put the ball into the opponent’s net in the first half. And perhaps before an opponent at the bottom like Metz, it was not unreasonable. doubt if this scenario will repeat.

In addition to the home fulcrum and better performance than the opponent, history is also on Lille’s side when statistics from the last 10 meetings show that coach Christophe Galtier’s teachers and coaches have 5 wins, 3 draws, and only 2 drying clothes before colleagues on the other side of the front line.

According to Ligue 1 matches prediction experts, Metz quickly returned to the ground after an impressive series of pre-season matches with a defeat at home to the national team in the second round. In front of an opponent who is having a series of 5 unbeaten matches in Ligue 1 like Lille, the opportunity is of course not for coaches and coaches Vincent Hognon in this rematch.

Nimes vs Stade Rennais

Ligue 1 matches prediction

Nimes was the most unpredictable team in the French league last season. They always win at times when no one thinks they can, but sometimes lose in prized games easily. That happened again this season.

Nimes excellently defeated Brestois 4-0 on the day of the lack of players, but soon after a trip to Nantes, Nimes had to lose 1-2 in the context of host Nantes playing with 9 people on the field. On the other side of the front line, Stade Rennais is having a relatively careful and thoughtful preparation with resounding victories in friendly matches, they continue to maintain that impressive form in the season with the win 4 out of 6 points maximum after 2 matches.

Obviously, with the impressive performance and performance that Stade Rennais is showing, it is likely that the final winners will be Nimes because as mentioned above, Nimes always got good results at times few people expected and this is the moment like that.

The impressive form of scoring is helping Nimes and especially Stade Rennais to have fun performances for the fans, they constantly score goals against their opponents in a regular and regular manner. However, the lack of a clean sheet is causing them to drop certain points. And with that correlation, the encounter between Nimes and Stade Rennais is now expected by the Ligue 1 matches prediction to have a jubilant goal scenario.