Ligue 1 2019/20 Season: Rennes F.C Won The Ticket To The C1

After announcing the decision to stop the Ligue 1 2019/2020 season in round 28 of the French Professional Football Association (LFP), the whole city of Rennes F.C as the festival. Because it was a historic moment when the French team for the first time won third place in the league, meaning a ticket to the prestigious Champions League.

Ligue 1 2019/20 Season: Rennes F.C Won The Ticket To The C1

Ligue 1 phenomena 2019/20 season: Rennes won the ticket to the C1

The scenario of president Jean-Michel Aulas (Lyon) about ending the season with play-offs, or calculating the score of chairman Gerard Lopez (Lille) to take part for Rennes F.C in the Champions League has become futile. The calculation of the average score per match of the teams helped the Bretagne region team for the first time in history to win third place overall, thereby winning tickets to the Champions League play-off round.

Although this result reflects only three-fourths of the season (Ligue 1 ended in round 28), it is still a remarkable achievement of Rennes F.C, the team has improved continuously over the past few years at the hands of Sabri Lamouchi and is now Julian Stephan, thereby winning tickets to Europe for a third consecutive season.

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Historically, Rennes F.C has won the 4th most prestigious tournament in the hexagonal soil 4 times in 1949, 1965, 2005 and 2007. Rennes F.C lovers will never forget the 2007 landmark when Nicolas Lille’s Fauvergue “stole” the participation of the beloved team in the Champions League play-off in the 90 + 3 minute in the match between the two teams of round 38 … However, the bitter memories of that day were erased. this season with a great performance of teachers and coach Julien Stephan.

Before the 2019/20 season began, no one dared to believe that a team owned a young squad like Rennes F.C (the pillars are mostly 19, 20; even Eduardo Camavinga was only 17 years old) strong enough to pass. Old clubs like Lyon, Lille, Monaco to make the Top 3 final. However, Rennes did not take much time to prove the opposite. Until the end of round 15, coach Julien Stephan’s team climbed to third place (early December 2019) and has never been out of the Top 3 since.

A season of efforts helped Rennes win tickets to the Champions League
A season of efforts helped Rennes win tickets to the Champions League

Even many challenges on the upper echelon of leadership (changing the president, new shareholders), and the Fall crisis (there have been 7 consecutive games did not win in the period of September early October 2019) will not defeat the “phenomenon” Rennes. Julien Stephan’s young team (he is only 39 years old) competes very bravely, having defeated PSG (2-1), Lyon (1-0) or St. Etienne (2-1) on the journey to find a place in the Top 3 final.

Not only that, but Rennes F.C is also the team that won the most Ligue 1 scores this season from the last 10 minutes (more than PSG). Julien Stephan and his students won 22/50 points in the last 10 minutes of the round, accounting for 44% of their total points.

“When we were led down, during the break in the dressing room, coach Julien Stephan insisted that we always fight until the referee blew the whistle to end the match. In this way, opportunities to equalize or rise can be reached. So with Rennes F.C, every match is a battle of survival and we have succeeded, ”said M’Baye Niang, who scored a brace including a goal in the 89th minute to help Rennes to come back first. Nimes in 25 Ligue 1 this season, insisted.

Obviously Rennes F.C is young but not young thanks to the flexible and wise control of coach Julien Stephan. Remember last season Rennes also defeated champion PSG to win the French National Cup and attend the Europa League. Hopefully, the Bretagne team will successfully retain the pillars to continue to play impressively in the following season.

Rennes negotiated an extension with many pillars

The Bretagne region has a new director, Florian Maurice, who once served as Lyon’s recruitment director and hopes to retain the likes of Hamari Traore, Faitout Maouassa, Damien Da Silva, Lucas Da Cunha or Yann Gboho. Reportedly, shortly after the LFP announced the season’s suspension, Rennes F.C began conducting negotiations to extend the contract with the above-mentioned forces.

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63 Rennes F.C for the first time in history to win 3rd place in the French league and also the team that has completed the most number of seasons in Ligue 1 without ever reaching the Top 3, until the 2019/20 season (63 seasons).

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