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Liga MX prediction about the teams’ current performances and the most current matches of the teams, the detailed stats of the upcoming match.

Queretaro vs Toluca –  Liga MX prediction

Liga MX prediction

A fact that always takes place in the Mexican National Championship is that Queretaro is always more appreciated than Toluca at home matches. But the results did not please Queretaro fans.

Accordingly, Queretaro has always been identified as a favorite rival of Toluca. In the past 26 matches, Toluca was unbeaten to 22 times with 15 wins and 7 draws.

Twelve times as a previous guest on Queretaro’s field, Toluca did not lose 11 matches either. The specific achievement of the home team in these 11 matches is 6 draws and 5 defeats.

Currently, Queretaro is even more difficult to promise to win 3 points in 90 minutes to compete with Toluca. Because Toluca’s performance from the beginning of the season was much more impressive.

After 7 rounds in the Mexican League this season, Queretaro just got 7 points, ranking 13th on the rankings. Meanwhile, Toluca has won 12 points, ranked 6th.

In the last 8 matches between two teams on Queretaro’s field, 7 matches ended with a maximum of 2 goals/match. 4 out of 5 recent home matches of Queretaro also did not exceed 2.5 goals.

Toluca was in a dismal performance, however. As Liga MX prediction, the possibility of having many straight goals in the next 90 minutes is difficult to appear.

Looking back on the past, Toluca also proved much better in terms of head-to-head performance. They have 3 wins and only lost 1 of the last 6 Queretaro clashes in the Mexican league. In particular, in the last 7 trips as a guest before this opponent, Toluca all had points to leave. That is the basis for Asian investors to trust José Manuel de la Torre’s army.

Pachuca vs Atletico

Liga MX prediction

At the Mexican league last season, Pachuca was beaten 0-2 by San Luis at home. Before that, twice as a guest on Pachuca’s field in the National Cup, San Luis also won.

However, in the upcoming rematch, Pachuca will soon be appreciated for his ability to win. Because this team is in very stable form with 3 consecutive unbeaten matches recently (2 wins, 1 draw).

Further, in the last 6 matches, Pachuca is unbeaten 5 times with 3 wins and 2 matches. At home, in the last 6 matches, Pachuca has won 4 times.

On the other side of the front line, San Luis is in a slump. In 3 consecutive games, they have lost, conceded 7 times. Having to play away from the home field, San Luis is unlikely to promise favorable results.

For Asian fans, San Luis is also a name that is on the must-avoid list.

All 3 recent matches between two teams on the field of Pachuca ended with a maximum of 2 goals/game. Pachuca’s 5 out of 6 matches have only had less than 3 goals.

San Luis is in a slump with 3 consecutive defeats. So it is difficult to expect them to play well in the next 90 minutes to overcome the dry scenario of goals.

Currently, coach Vazquez’s team has only 5 points after 1 win, 2 draws and 3 losses, scored 9 goals, and received 12 goals, of which the only victory was against Club Tijuana, a The team is not appreciated when it only got 7 points after 7 matches. As the Liga MX prediction, the next match must be against a stronger opponent, moreover, they have to play away from home, so the chances of the visitors to win points are not high.