Liechtenstein vs Iceland Prediction | World Cup Qualif. | 03/31

Liechtenstein vs Iceland prediction – Liechtenstein vs Iceland will meet each other in the 2022 World Cup Qualifier. The home team is considered to be quite weak in this group, and the chance for them to rise is unlikely if they continue to lose in the first round upcoming match. Whether with home advantage, are they doing well enough to bring back 3 precious points?

Liechtenstein vs Iceland Prediction


  • Match date: 6:45 pm on 03/31/2021
  • Event: World Cup Qualif. UEFA
  • Stage: Matchday 3rd


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Liechtenstein vs Iceland Prediction



Liechtenstein is currently in the last place with no points and a goal efficiency of -1. Liechtenstein in the last 5 games not won is showing that they are actually having psychological problems and lack of stability in play. The attack line is the biggest minus point of the team when they only get 1 goal after 5 matches, they just rank in the same row with the lower group teams in this difference, so if they do not improve their play well as well as Tactics are unlikely Liechtenstein can go any further in this tournament.


Iceland is also a fiercely competitive team with the lower groups of the group, the competition becomes even more fierce when they just had a not so favorable debut with a 0-3 defeat. Currently, Iceland has no scores and is in the last place. A good sign where the Icelandic defenders have maintained well over time is that they always do very well on weaker opponents. And hopefully this match they can do better to have a favorable result.

Liechtenstein vs Iceland Prediction


A stressful match shows that it will be a sure match that both teams are aiming for. The attacker Liechtenstein is not playing really well, while the visitors are not doing much better. With a strong defensive play of the two, it was difficult to get explosive scores.

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Confrontation history is showing that Iceland is completely overwhelmed with 2 wins and 1 draw in the last 3 meetings. On the other hand, in the last match, Iceland also won the home team with a score of 4 – 0. This is the premise and great hope for them to have better morale. 

In contrast to that is a Liechtenstein with poor gameplay, the ability to attack and play style is very limited. Desire to get 3 points and the current form of the home team is really weak, believe that Iceland will do well and get to win, but it is very difficult for them to have an overwhelming result as they did in the past.

Liechtenstein vs Iceland prediction: Liechtenstein +2.5 FT.


Both are not very good teams at attacking and scoring many goals. The first 45 minutes are always their polls as well as their very solid match, that is why the number of matches they play usually ends in the first half with the score of 1-0 and in the last 2 matches, that number is 0 – 0.

Select: Under 1.25 H1.


Iceland used to be a team that was much stronger than their opponent, but in recent years they have been somewhat down. Their positions are now quite stable, but getting into the top 3 is quite difficult. On the side of the home team, experts said that this season they have difficulty making a breakthrough, in the last 5 losing matches, the team spirit and form are facing many problems. So still the way Iceland did before, is to march and bring back all 3 points

Select: Iceland FT

Liechtenstein vs Iceland Prediction


The goals of the two teams are quite clear and both have a desire to escape from this area, a game that is sure to be deployed early. However 1 point is not enough at the moment, and the team being impatient and making more mistakes will probably be the inexperience of the home team. Hence believe that Iceland will have a victory with a safe score.

Liechtenstein vs Iceland prediction: Liechtenstein 0 – 2 Iceland FT (Liechtenstein 0 – 0 Iceland H1)


Liechtenstein: Kardesoglu, Brandle, Frommelt, Kuhne, Sele, Martin Marxer, Marxer, Wolfinger, Grunenfelder, Kaufmann, Buchel.

Iceland: Halldórsson, Árnason, Eyjólfsson, Hermannsson, Magnússon, Pálsson, Traustason, Bjarnason, Bödvarsson, Thorsteinsson, Gudmundsson.

The above is information about the prediction of Liechtenstein vs Iceland in the match of the 3rd round of World Cup Qualif. UEFA on 03/31/2021 of CMD368 bookmaker.