Lewis Hamilton: “2020 could be the most important year for people of color”

In the face of the growing protests in the world. Racer Lewis Hamilton spoke out and hopes the current protest will eradicate racism.

Hamilton has defended the destruction of current racism

Lewis Hamilton was the first F1 driver to speak out about the color of George Floyd’s death after being hit by the ground by a white police officer. Even the world champion proved fierce, criticizing the entire  F1community was silent when the incident occurred.

Hamilton urged blacks to join hands to eliminate racism.
Hamilton urged blacks to join hands to eliminate racism.

“We just want to live, we want to have opportunities like other people in education, life. We wish to be down the road, go to school, or shop without fear. We deserve it. Equality is paramount for the future of black people and we cannot stop fighting. I will never give up”, Hamilton called.

Racer Lewis Hamilton hopes the current protest will eliminate racial discrimination. “We need to unite! I used to wonder why 2020 was starting to be so bleak, but now, I am starting to believe that 2020 will be the most important year of our lives. began to change systematic oppression in society with minorities!”, Hamilton shares on Instagram.

Hamilton also recounted other racist acts for him as a child. He shared: “Recent events are reminiscent of my painful memories from the past.”

“The challenges I faced as a resurrected child. I believe many of you have experienced the same thing, one way or another. I rarely speak out about your experiences myself, because I was taught to keep them private. I was taught not to show weaknesses, to kill them with love and beat them on the track”, Lewis Hamilton said.

Lewis Hamilton has been critical of the F1 community

Lewis Hamilton criticized the F1 network for being silent on the demise of a black character inside the United States.
Lewis Hamilton criticized the F1 network for being silent on the demise of a black character inside the United States.

The reigning global champion Lewis Hamilton was unhappy while the F1 community fell silent over the demise of black George Floyd inside the US. “I see you being silent, among whom are top stars and you choose to remain silent in this story of injustice,” Hamilton wrote on Instagram on June 1. “There is not anyone who speaks in my industry – a sport truly dominated by using whites. I am the only one who speaks because I actually have equal skin coloration as him.

“From now on I will suppose that you may recognize why the incident occurred and say something about it, but you will by no means stand through us. I handiest recognize who you are and I had been seeing via you”, Hamilton said sharply.

In the second post, Mercedes’s predominant driving force wrote: “I am now not on the facet of bandits, who are burning buildings. There may be no peace until individuals who are considered as leaders who make the change”.

Mercedes then spoke up, supporting their idea of riders. After Hamilton’s post, many other F1 riders called for justice for blacks. Charles Leclerc wrote: “To be honest, I feel uncomfortable sharing my thoughts on social media on this topic. That’s why I didn’t express my opinion earlier and I finished. I still find it hard to describe my emotions when watching videos online, and racism needs to be countered by action, not silence encourage others to join hands. Don’t keep quiet.”