Legendary F1 driver Schumacher needs regeneration of the nervous system

After an accident, while skiing, the legendary F1, Schumacher was injured in the brain. After a while of recovery, Schumacher now needs to reconstruct the brain region.

An unexpected accident with Schumacher

Schumacher had an accident while skiing in December 2013 and has been in a coma ever since. F1 legend suffered a concussion in the brain and was secretly cared for by his family. According to Le Parisien, Schumacher was taken to a hospital in Paris to transfer stem cells, a modern method performed by Dr. Philippe Menasche. However, his family did not confirm this information.

The picture when Schumacher without an accident
The picture when Schumacher without an accident

According to the French press, the president of the International Sports Car Federation (FIA) Jean Todt visited Schumacher on 9/9 and stayed with the former Ferrari driver for 45 minutes. The Schumacher family arranged an operation for him in July but then postponed it. There have not been any images of the driver who has won the F1 championship seven times since his accident. In July, Todt revealed that Schumacher is recovering well but has difficulty communicating. Besides, there are encouraging signs that an employee at the hospital where Michal Schumacher treated said the legendary driver has regained consciousness after a coma.

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“Yes, he is in the room I am in charge of. And I can assure you that he is already aware” Le Parisien quoted a source from Pompidou Hospital as saying. Accordingly, colleagues of this source are involved in the process of “secret treatment” for Schumacher at the hospital southwest of Paris.

Miracles will come to the rider seven times the F1 championship

Seven-time F1 racer Michael Schumacher will have to have a reconstructive nervous system soon, according to Italian newspaper Contro Copertina. French doctor Philippe Menasche will perform surgery on a former Ferrari driver. Menasche is considered to be the pioneer of cell surgical treatment. He told Contro Copertina on 10 June: “the purpose of the operation is to regenerate the nervous device for Schumacher”. 

Schumacher has been bedridden for almost seven years.
he has been bedridden for almost seven years.

Neurosurgeon Nicola Acciari stated he became affected by muscle atrophy and osteoporosis. These diseases are because of the incapability of the German driving force to move. “For almost 20 years, technology has been developing in the remedy of stem cells”, Acciari informed Contro Copertina. “But in fact, we still realize too little about the human brain. We can’t foresee the outcome of surgical treatment with he.

In January 2020, Acciari also discovered Schumacher’s repute to the Italian newspaper. “Schumacher is very distinct now when he becomes playing, with his natural structure, muscular and skeletal degeneration. They are the end result of his mental injury”, he said.

Michael Schumacher has no longer been in public on account that a ski coincidence that induced his head to hit the rocks in France in overdue 2013. The 50-year-antique racer is still recuperating and all facts approximately him is kept personal by his family. he won the F1 identify seven times, including five consecutive championships with Ferrari among 2000-2004. At that time, the Ferrari leader was Mr.Todt

In July 2019, FIA president Jean Todt found out he had visited he and the two teachers and college students watched a race. He informed RMC: “Schumacher has no longer given up, and continues to be preventing for his survival.