Legend Ronaldo: If Not Having An Injury, How Will Be How Great?

Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima, the monument still known as the “Alien”, is one of the greatest regrets in the history of world football.

From 17-year-old “daystar” to the world’s most precision player – Legend Ronaldo

At the age of 17, Ronaldo was a successful player. His talent was discovered at the Brazilian Cruzeiro Club. Here, this young man scored 44 goals in 47 matches and was nicknamed “Il Fenomeno” (Phenomenon). In 1994, he was part of the Brazil squad that won the World Cup in the US despite not playing. The skinny boy with a stubborn face then moved to Europe to play for PSV Eindhoven on the advice of senior Romario.

In two seasons with PSV, Ronaldo continued to show extraordinary form with 54 goals in 58 matches. The skills that make up his brand such as lightning speed, dizzying head-turning, the ability to pitch the ball faster than a vacuum, are clearly shown in the Dutch team.

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Ronaldo’s excellent form has spread to the capital of Catalunya, Barcelona. The Nou Camp team just fired Johan Cruyff and brought in new coach Bobby Robson from Porto. Very quickly, Ronaldo was targeted to be the “debut” of Robson with the culé, just a blockbuster contract to appease the fans of President Josep Lluis Nunez, after he ended his affair with “Holy” Johan.

Legend Ronaldo: If Not Having An Injury, How Will Be How Great?

Barca took a long time to get Ronaldo, with the price negotiated with PSV skyrocketed from the initial $ 10 million to the then world record of $ 19.5 million, the most expensive on the planet. Stepping into a big stage, Ronaldo immediately proved that he was born to play football in an era. The star has a rabbit tooth that makes the Spanish and European press thrilled with performances that can only be seen from Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo in the 21st century.

Ronaldo scored a brace on his debut against Atletico Madrid in the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup, starting the series of passionate days for Barca fans. His most famous goal for Barcelona came in October 1996 against Compostela: he took the ball from the middle of the pitch, escaped the grip of the two players, pitched the ball to the penalty area, then staggered to eliminate a defender before finishing to assertively defeat the opponent goalkeeper.

One goal shows all of Ronaldo’s qualities: incredible speed, incredible strength, superior technique and the ability to kill an assassin.

Legend Ronaldo: If Not Having An Injury, How Will Be How Great?

A long nightmare

However, Ronaldo only played for Barca for only one 1996/97 season, with problems that could not be solved behind the scenes. The erratic, improvised temperament of a Brazilian player, the reputation that came so early with a player who came from the poverty caused disturbances in attitude, made both Barca and Ronaldo unbearable. Barca fans regarded him as an enemy, while Ronaldo did not think that Barca was creating the best conditions for him.

With a $ 27 million contract release fee, the “Alien” broke the world transfer record for the second time when he joined Inter Milan in the summer of 1997. He thought his career would reach a happier port, but here it was also the moment Ronaldo suffered a physical pain that made him no longer himself.

Ronaldo’s unpredictable knee began to speak, especially in a Serie A environment at that time filled with defenders with a solid, suppressive style. During PSV, the “Alien” suffered a knee injury that kept him out for months during the 1995/96 season. In addition, at the end of 1996, early 1997 in Barca, Ronaldo also went back to Brazil many times to meet with doctors specializing in knee treatment.

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Legend Ronaldo: If Not Having An Injury, How Will Be How Great?

That decisive moment took place on an evening in April 2000. After 5 months of absence due to a right knee injury, Ronaldo re-appeared in the match between Inter and Lazio in the first leg of the Coppa Italia final. Inter did not dare to use their number one star, but Lazio’s 2-1 lead after Lazio forced the “Nerazzurri” to force him to come on in the 58th minute.

Only 6 minutes later, Ronaldo received the ball on the edge of the penalty area, in front of 2 opponent players. As usual, he performed typical human movements in order to overcome Fernando Couto. But, as soon as Ronaldo shifted the pole from his left leg to his right leg and all the weight put into that poor foot, he collapsed, hugged his knees, then screamed in pain.

Ronaldo’s right knee ligament was completely torn. He missed that season, it took 8 months for him to touch the ball. The return version is a very different Ronaldo, no longer booming as before. The press and experts jumped in to find the cause of his terrible injury, and the veil was lifted with what was too late.

Since 1996, Ronaldo has been diagnosed by a doctor with a “strange disease” in his knee that leads to permanent tendonitis. This condition makes the connection between the kneecap and femur unstable, and most notably, this problem cannot be cured at its root but can only be treated temporarily. Anti-inflammatory drugs, painkillers thus became companions with Ronaldo.

Bernardinho Santi, the former anti-doping coordinator of the Brazilian Football Federation, blamed PSV for Ronaldo using muscle-stimulating doping before he was 20 years old, Ronaldo’s muscles grow stronger than the knee area. With the way, Ronaldo’s play creates many diversions when at high speed, his frequent muscle, tendon and knee problems are also not too difficult to understand.

The periodic return of the “Alien” – Legend Ronaldo

Although no longer the most prolific version of himself, Ronaldo has made miraculous recoveries for the rest of his career. September 2001 marked the time when Ronaldo returned to the pitch after difficult and painful times and lots of patience. Ronaldo’s physiotherapist, Nilton Petrone, revealed the Brazilian star “trains 9-10 hours a day and does not take a day off”.

The time after coming back is equally worried for both Ronaldo and those who love him. Concerns about injuries always surround Ronaldo whenever he is on the pitch. Before the 2002 World Cup, he had another injury and had to return to Brazil for 15 days, then returned to Italy to play the end of the season, then was called up to Brazil to leave for Japan and South Korea. What follows is history.

Surprising change that the “Alien” brought to the first World Cup finals in Asia is the “donkey” roof. In a later sharing with Brazilian newspaper Deporte Interactivo, Ronaldo revealed he decided to cut this hair because he was uncomfortable with the way people only talked about his injury before the tournament took place. “I chose the shaving method and the effect came immediately. People from the trauma center moved to my hair, ”Ronaldo said.

Not only impressing in appearance, the number one star of Samba immediately shows his professional level. Ronaldo was the one who “opened the account” of the goal for Brazil in the first round of the group stage against Turkey and scored 7 more goals to get 8 goals in a total of 7 matches of Brazil. Selecao played on his feet and won Germany 2-0 in the final, thereby convincing the throne. the “Alien” closed the 2002 World Cup with the title of top scorer. From the success of this World Cup, the “Alien” for the second time in his career won the Golden Ball.

A noble career is unfinished

If he had not suffered a traumatic injury that deprived him of the peak of his career, he would have become even greater, especially in a time when he had almost no worthy opponents. Before the Messi-Ronaldo era, a striker with a performance of 0.5 goals per game and about 20 goals per season could have been considered as a success, but 47 goals after 49 Ronaldo matches have been with Barca in 1996 / 97 makes all look at him really like an alien.

Messi then surpassed Ronaldo’s record of 47 goals in a season for Barca in 2009, Miroslav Klose was the most goalscorer in the World Cup finals, CR7 is ‘Ronaldo’ and Real won the Champions League, but none of them can balance the emotional “achievements” that Ronaldo has brought to generations of football lovers.

The adventure of Ronaldo’s digital shorts career from the beginning until the time he retired in 2011 has never been so smooth. He has two birthdays due to the family’s inadequacy, unable to make a birth certificate on the day, a series of physical injuries due to inadequate medical conditions, and weight gain due to hypothyroidism in the late-career. However, his energy and charism have never diminished.

MU fans at Old Trafford will never forget March 24, 2003, when the “Alien” scored a great hat-trick, helping Real lost only 3-4 and went on thanks to the total score of 6-5. And when Ronaldo left the field in the 70th minute to make way for Fernando Morientes, the unexpected scene happened: the “Red Devils” fans simultaneously stood up and applauded him.

On June 7, 2011, in a friendly match between Brazil and Romania, all players wore shirts called “O Fenômeno” (Ronaldo’s nickname) and his familiar number 9. When the “Alien” scored in the 21st minute, the whole team celebrated in his familiar style. It is a privilege that not every football legend has.

Personal accomplishments remarkable

– FIFA Player of the Year: 1997, 1998, 2002

– European Golden Shoe: 1997

– European Golden Ball: 1997, 2002

– La Liga top scorer: 1997, 2004

– Golden Shoe World Cup: 2002

Notable collective achievements


– Winners of the Copa del Rey: 1996/97

– Win the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup: 1996/97

– Spanish Super Cup: 1996, 2003

– UEFA Cup champion: 1997/98

– Winning La Liga: 2002/03

National team

– World Cup winners: 1994, 2002; World Cup runner-up: 1998

– Copa America Champion: 1997, 1999; Copa America runner-up: 1995

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