Leeds United Player sacrifices for the sake of other 272 people

Currently, many clubs in the lower leagues of England, including  Leeds United are having financial difficulties. The postponement of the competition leaves them with no revenue from ticket sales. Therefore, timely action from the players, the  Leeds United coaching staff can help the club pay full salaries for 272 other employees.

Leeds United Player sacrifices for the sake of other 272 people
Leeds is leading the Championship rankings with 71 points

“It is important that we all work together to find a way for the club to make it through this stage”

Leeds United confirmed the players, the coaching staff of the first team volunteered to postpone receiving wages in the near future to ensure all other employees at Elland Road (home ground) and Thorp Arch (training center) are allowed Since then, the club has been able to keep things running smoothly during these difficult times, “Sky Sports quotes  Leeds United announcement.

Leeds United is a family. This is a culture created by people attached to the club, from the players, the leadership to the staff and the fans in the stands.

We face difficult conditions. Therefore, it is important that we all work together to find a way for the club to make it through this stage and end the season the way we hope. At this time, listen to advice from the Government and the Ministry of Health to defeat the epidemic together, “wrote a  Leeds United representative.

English teams receive a £ 50 million support package

EFL (Tournament System for England and Wales) said the lower-class clubs in the foggy island nation will be supported £ 50 million.

According to the Guardian, after the 4-hour meeting on March 18 (local time) in Preston, the EFL board of directors allowed the organization to operate as a business to work through a difficult time due to photos. effect of translation. The teams will be supported £ 50 million.

Earlier, representatives of the teams asked to receive financial support because they had no revenue from ticket sales. Professional tournaments in the UK will take place without a live audience.

According to The Athletic statistics, ticket revenue accounts for 1/3 to 2/3 of the revenue of many lower-class clubs. As a result, closed competition puts them at risk of unpaid wages and even bankruptcy.

In addition, the lower-ranked teams also receive help from the Premier League 2020 after they solve royalties issues with broadcasters like BT Sports and Sky Sports.

Big  Premier League 2020 teams like Liverpool, Arsenal, Man United are not much affected by the closed play. Ticket sales ranked 7th in their income table.

In addition, most clubs in the lower division such as West Brom and Leeds United agree to continue playing to complete the  Premier League 2020 season.

UEFA helps teams to solve economic problems

The lack of competition and the closing of the field cause teams to lose revenue. The European Football Confederation (UEFA) has moved to help them through the tough times.

The Athletic assessments of the disease bring the most terrible effects on world football. The teams have economic difficulties when they have to temporarily stop playing for a long time and have no idea when to return.

Therefore, UEFA decided to relax the provisions of the Financial Fair Law (FFP). The club will have one more month to resolve the outstanding debts when the deadline is March 31 will move to 30/4.

That means any additional support from the owner for the club in the coming months will be rated softer than usual.

Alex Song (left) was fired by FC Sion for not giving up his salary.
Alex Song (left) was fired by FC Sion for not giving up his salary.

“They are trying to pay their employees during economic hard times. And the only way is to borrow money. So they don’t deserve to be fined for taking on debt,” said De Marco.

Currently, EFL (England and Wales tournament system) has not made any comments on the new UEFA rules. To apply the same rule, they need approval from 71 teams and a meeting is ongoing.

The latest, EFL said the teams in the lower division in the UK will be supported £ 50 million. In addition, they can receive support from  Premier League 2020’s  teams.

Football, like other sports, has to adjust to activities, change schedules. In many cases, they also make efforts to support the community against diseases even though they are struggling. This time, the new UEFA regulations are highly appreciated.
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