Top performances in the history of professional

Come to the flawless performances made by the greatest names in the history of the professional League of Legends. In this series, come to the list of the most impressive performances of the players in the history of League of Legends.

G.O.A.T – Greatest Of All Time, is a term commonly used in sports, referring to the individuals or performances voted to be the most perfect, peak and most spectacular in history. Over the course of 10 years of professional League of Legends, we have witnessed countless moments, the peak seasons created by the world’s top stars.

League of LegendsDoinb – World Championship 2019

League of Legends

Doinb and his team conquered the World Championship 2019

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Coming to the World Championship in 2019 as the current LPL champion, Doinb’s FunPlus Phoenix is still not appreciated, because their international experience is just around zero. Even this skepticism was reinforced when FPX failed the day before J Team’s debut.

However, the later performance of Doinb and his teammates encapsulated in two words “destruction”. And the only one who could make it difficult for FPX was the defending champion of Worlds then – IG. But then when TheShy and Rookie also had to fall in the semi-finals, there was nothing that could stop FPX from becoming the new king of the world.

Although Tian was the MVP of Worlds that year, in reality, all the admiration and awe poured into Doinb – Mutants of the Fire Phoenix’s Mid Street. Doinb broke a player’s record of the number of champions used at Worlds, when he picked eight different cards, more than the Faker of the 2013 season with seven champions.

Most importantly, among them, there are 6 short-handed generals, even super-resisting cards like Sion, Malphite, or Nautilus. Obviously, the single-lane meta is not the strength of mid lane players, but Doinb is like a fish in the water, and this “clown lord” has quickly proved the effectiveness of this difference play. Brought with a series of incredible performances. 

TheShy – World Championship 2018

Even at the present time, when TheShy is in decline, people only look for reasons surrounding attitude and motivation, or at the very least, the health of this player. Because no one dared to doubt his personal level.

The Korean player is the name that really plays a key role in raising Invictus Gaming. Right in the first season for the new team – LPL Summer 2017, TheShy helped the IG win 3rd place in the end, to lose close to WE in the Finals of the World Championship. Previously, IG had just once won a ticket to the biggest professional League of League in 2015 and left as one of the scorching teams.

At the 2018 World Championship, IG with an inspiration called Rookie showed a very solid but no less fierce game. And that blood and fire came from the overwhelming power of the Top Street area – TheShy town.

Possessing a wide tank, top lane skills, daring play and breakthrough processing, TheShy 2018 has absolutely no opponents in the region on Summoner’s Rift, and even, it was this “kid” who also saw off the world’s No.1 superstar, Smed, on the other side of his career.

League of Legends

TheShy has a good performance in the World Championship