League Of Legends: The New Super Strong Gameplay Was Discovered

In order not to get bored of following the familiar gameplay in the meta, you can try out the new super-strong gameplay in this 10.10 update of League of Legends.

Lissandra – Support – new super-strong gameplay at LoL

With her maneuverable nature, the laning phase of Lissandra can not only poke but also threaten the opponent with a single E aim. Then, when a jungler goes down to gank, the combination of  E and W (can invest Flash ​​if necessary) will bind the enemy feet long enough for your jungler to approach and attack the selected target.

In particular, because of the tendency to dominate the game, Lissandra is also quite strong, not afraid of being targeted and defeated by an enemy in a combo.

In the teamfights in League of Legends, Lissandra can rush forward to open the fight with her W + R combo, hold and team up to defeat the restraint. Or if the carrier is strong enough, Lissandra can play around the carry, protecting the carry from those who approach.

League Of Legends: The New Super Strong Gameplay Was Discovered
Runes and recommended items for Lissandra support

Kog’Maw – Mid – League Of Legends

Although mid lane Kog’Maw is no longer new, with a little change in the Runes, this champion will bring a lot of surprises for yourself and your opponents in League of Legends.

While on the lane, Kog’Maw can take advantage of his long-hand physique to poke and clear the soldiers from afar, if the enemy approaches and wants to defeat, Kog’Maw can also return the damage by Q + E + basic attack with W, hit and run pretty good with Ghost.

In team fights, Kog’Maw is usually a pseudo-general, so he will often attack enemies with R at a long-range, keep a safe position and only decide to “all-in” when the enemy has been poked a lot.

League Of Legends: The New Super Strong Gameplay Was Discovered
Runes and recommended items for mid-Kog’Maw

Volibear – Jungle

While many players are trying to play Volibear the last time before it is remade, there is no denying that the power of Volibear in the jungle is immense.

In the early game, Volibear sometimes just rushes straight out of the jungle with Q and E + W combo can defeat the target. Because not having to invest much besides Q when ganking, Volibear has a lot of ganking opportunities to keep prey under pressure and gain experience and money.

In League teamfights, Volibear is also able to engage and fight relatively well thanks to the passive of the Chosen of the Storm. Because of his intrinsic nature of high-speed healing, Volibear also needed to retreat in time if the enemy with Deep Wounds countered him.

League Of Legends: The New Super Strong Gameplay Was Discovered
Runes and recommended items for Volibear going jungle

Taric – Jungle – League Of Legends

Unexpectedly discovered in the 10.10 of League of Legends, Taric is not only a lot of blood but also a lot of damage.

During the laning phase, the only thing Taric lacks is … mana so will start with the Hunter’s Tailsman + Faerie Charm and always eat the Blue Charm first. In addition, the Q skill will constantly refresh the cooldown when you attack with an intrinsic attack, so as long as you have mân, Taric will transform it into the blood and continuous damage – this Helps Taric quite strong in both farming and fighting.

When ganking in League of Legends, simply wrap behind the opponent and stun E, if sure the shot can even link W with teammates to launch E stunning from two closed corners of the opponent.

Finally, as a support champion, Taric can help allies from opening combat, healing, resisting to controlling vision, and big goals. But at the moment, as a jungler, Taric can farm quite a lot of items, if desired Taric can up damage or resist depending on the role that teammates need.

Runes and recommended items for Taric going jungle.
Runes and recommended items for Taric going jungle.

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