Lazio vs Cagliari Prediction | 07/02/2021 | Serie A

Lazio and Cagliari are showing a completely opposite face. Let’s follow Lazio vs Cagliari Prediction.

If Lazio is still winning in a row then Cagliari will have to draw and lose continuously. Therefore, the next match will be no exception if Lazio still plays well. It is difficult for Cagliari to leave with the score in hand.

Lazio vs Cagliari Prediction


  • Match date: 7:45pm on Sunday 7th February 2021
  • Event: Serie A
  • Stage: Matchday 21st


Lazio vs Cagliari Prediction

Lazio vs Cagliari Prediction:

Over Under  

Odds: 3.0

The total number of goals that Lazio players have scored in their last 5 home matches is 11. That result indicates that Lazio’s corresponding goalscoring performance is 2.2 goals/game. Notably, the average number of goals lost by Lazio is 0.6 goals.

Cagliari has a poor attacking line in the last 5 away games. The total number of goals the Cagliari players have scored is 3, averaging 0.6 goals per game. In terms of defense system, Cagliari conceded 8 times, corresponding to performance of 1.6 goals per game.

Therefore, our expert believes that tie will be optimal for investors in the next 90 minutes.

Prediction: tie

Asian handicap Lazio vs Cagliari Prediction:

Handicap Odds: 0: 1 1/4

Considering this season, the total number of matches played at Lazio’s home field is 10. In which the number of victories that Lazio has earned is 5. On the contrary, they have received 2 draws and 3 losses. The number of points they own for themselves is 17/30 points maximum. The average 1 match has 1.7 points.

Considering the last 5 home matches attended, Lazio has earned himself 4 wins. So they don’t let or lose a match. Lazio’s win rate over the past time is 100%.

On the other hand, Cagliari is showing weakness in recent times. Considering Cagliari’s last 5 away matches, this team has only got 1 draw. Besides that, there are 4 losses and no 1 wins. Most recently they lost to Genoa 0-1.

In the next match, the Lazio Team is considered the superior team when handicapping the other team.  

→ From the odds by CMD368 bookmaker, the best pick: Lazio –

Lazio vs Cagliari Prediction

Final Scores: Lazio vs Cagliari Prediction 

→ Our prediction of the match result:

  • Lazio 2-0 Cagliari (1st Half).
  • Lazio 3-0 Cagliari (Full Time)

1×2 Odds Betting

  • Odds from CMD368: 1.38*7.70*4.90
  • Select: Lazio to win (Full Time)

The European bookie CMD368 set the odds for the next match to be   3.15*2.38*3.10.

Considering the last three matches between the two teams, Lazio is the team that has given them better results. The number of victories that Lazio has earned is 3, accounting for 100%. Also, a total of 8 goals were scored.

In the last match, the result was determined as the winner of Lazio. At home, Cagliari lost 0-2 to his opponent. According to experts, the score of the first half is likely 2-0 for the home team.