Latvia vs Gibraltar Prediction | World Cup Qual. UEFA | 09/01

Latvia vs Gibraltar prediction: In a group with extremely heavy opponents like Norway, the Netherlands and Turkey, the ability for the away team to continue is considered an impossible task. The proof is that up to this round, they still have not brought themselves any points. Can the home advantage combined with the confrontation with a rather weak opponent Latvia win in this match?

Latvia vs Gibraltar Prediction


  • Match date: 06:45 p.m – 2021/09/01
  • Event: World Cup Qual. UEFA
  • Stage: Matchday 3rd



Latvian is in danger of having to stop early in this arena, despite a 3 – 3 draw against Turkey. However, before rivals such as Norway or the Netherlands, they also proved to be quite a loser. Bringing themselves a fairly open play, Latvia is also a team with a pretty good scoring performance, but with that comes a lot of conceding goals. This is considered a pretty big minus point that the team needs to overcome in the near future to be able to aim for a certain certainty every time they go out on the field. With an extremely weak opponent in this group, Latvia wants to get the first 3 points for themselves.

Latvia vs Gibraltar Prediction

Georgia lost completely, they had a pretty bad debut and lost to Norway with a score of 0 – 3. And then there was a 1 – 4 loss to Montenegro in turn, the worst defeat to mention was being overwhelmed by the Netherlands with a score of 0 – 7 right at home. Thereby currently standing at the bottom of the table with a win-loss difference of – 13 goals. The bad play along with the slow development of football makes Georgia far behind its opponents. Although not a very strong team, what the visitors are showing is difficult for them to avoid the next disastrous defeat.

An important match when getting 3 points will be a good opportunity for the home team to hope for a ticket to go on. Therefore, showing a strong attack from the first minute will be deployed by them. Against an opponent who is not too strong and has continuously lost in the past time, it is not too difficult for the home team to have an overwhelming victory.

Select: Over 2.75 FT.


In the last 5 matches, Gibraltar only brought themselves 1 goal and had to receive 20 goals. That is, on average, for every 1 outing of the team, they have to go into the net to pick up the ball 5 times, which is an alarming number for extremely bad defense. Not only that, but they have not brought back any wins in the last 10 matches, making it extremely difficult for Gibraltar to create anything unexpected in this matchup. Although Latvia is not in good form, their attack is very stable and they are still firing continuously. Against an extremely weak opponent that they once defeated with a score of 5 – 0, there is no reason why Latvia will lose points in the next match.

Select: Latvia FT.


In terms of the football level of both obviously, Latvia is still much more appreciated. The gameplay has features along with a quality attack and is somewhat overwhelming to the opponent. Not only that, they can play at home, where the team has a very good record in recent times. On the other side, Gibraltar still shows immaturity and weakness in this arena, and the away team is like a piece of cake that all teams want to meet at the moment. Therefore, the desire for 3 full points Latvia will focus on and get a win in this match

Latvia vs Gibraltar Prediction

Select: Latvia FT.

Latvia vs Gibraltar Prediction: Latvia 5 – 0 Gibraltar FT (2-0 H1).


Latvia: Ozols, Mksimenko, Oss, Zjuzins, Dubra, Savalnieks, Kamess, Ikaunieks, Uldrikis, Gutkovskis, Ikaunieks.

Gibraltar: Coleing, Sergeant, Mouelhi, Britto, Chipolina, Wiseman, Badr, Ronan, Pons, Annesley, Styche.

The above is information about the prediction in the 3rd match of World Cup Qual. UEFA between Latvia vs Gibraltar on 2021/09/01 of the CMD368 bookie.