The reason why Tottenham can’t make it to the quarterfinals

Follow the latest football result, Tottenham lost to Leipzig right at home, statistics show that the matches in the first leg of the knockout round of C1, when Mourinho’s team failed, they could not continue.

Mourinho and Tottenham were disadvantaged before the second leg

Tottenham does not have Son Heung-min and Harry Kane, but with the experience and talent of coach Jose Mourinho, plus their home advantage is still slightly higher than Leipzig. However, the British representative had a disappointing match against possible predictions for today football matches.

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Mourinho's Tottenham lost 0-1 at home to Leipzig
Mourinho’s Tottenham lost 0-1 at home to Leipzig

Coach Mourinho’s team could not control the game. In the first half, they let the opponent completely dominate. In the second half, the home team played better, but could not score but also received a goal from a successful 11m kick from Timo Werner.

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Unable to score at home and still have to accept a goal, the next door of Tottenham is very difficult. It is likely that Spurs’ journey in C1 this season will have to stop soon, which is also necessary for the “Rooster” to focus on the Premier League first, thereby hoping to end the season in the Top 4.

Tottenham lost to Leipzig right at home, statistics show that the matches in the first leg of the knockout round of C1, when Mourinho’s team failed, they could not continue.

Specifically, through the latest football result, this is only the third time in Jose Mourinho’s 17 matches that the team lost the first leg of the Champions League knockout stage at home, before losing in Chelsea-06 2005-06 and Real Madrid season. 2010-11, all before Barca. Both times losing at home in the first leg, Mourinho’s teams were eliminated.

Coach Mourinho
Coach Mourinho

Most likely the past will repeat this season because Mourinho’s team is facing too many disadvantages by possible predictions for today football matches. The second leg against Spurs must be played away and certainly no Son Heung-min and Harry Kane.

Final: Tottenham 0-1 Leipzig

Since January, Tottenham has been playing very well. A series of 3 consecutive victories in the Premier League helped Spurs rise to 5th, just 1 point less than Chelsea’s 4th. If calculated in all the arenas, “Rooster” has a series of 7 games unbeaten, including 5 wins. With very high performance, Jose Mourinho’s team proved confident to welcome RB Leipzig in the first round of 1/8 Champions League 2019/20.

Tottenham vs RB Leipzig first leg round 1/8 C1 2019/20
Tottenham vs RB Leipzig first leg round 1/8 C1 2019/20

Jose Mourinho’s experience and talent need to be shown, especially in the context of Tottenham without Son Heung-min and Harry Kane because of injury. On the other side of the line, Leipzig was not in good shape. Since the end of January, this team has shown signs of decline, they only won 1, drew 2 and lost 2 in the last 5 matches. Away from Leipzig does not win in 4 matches, including 2 draws and 2 losses.

By playing at home, Tottenham will certainly play an offensive way and look for an advantage before the second leg. As for Leipzig, coach Julian Nagelsmann is likely to use a counter-defense style of play, the German team does not need to do everything to win, so they will prioritize keeping clean sheets and waiting for the opponent’s mistake to unleash the punishment.

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Without both Son and Kane in the squad, Coach Mourinho decided to use the 4-2-3-1 scheme with Lucas Moura kicking the top line in attack, supporting him as the trio Bergwijn, Alli and Lo Celso, in which Alli plays in the guardhouse position. Spurs absolutely has a chance to score, because the visitors’ defense is not overestimated. Accordingly, Leipzig played a total of 12 matches in the Champions League arena. The remarkable point is that the army of coach Julian Nagelsmann has only 1 clean sheet.

In the middle, Harry Winks and Gedson Fernandes kicked the central midfield pair. As for the defense, Sanchez kicked the center-back pair with Alderweireld, the wings are Aurier and Davies, in the wooden frame, as usual, is still goalkeeper Lloris. The home turf is also one of the hopes that helps Spurs hope for a beneficial result. Specifically, Tottenham won 10 of the last 14 home games in the Champions League, while Leipzig only won 4 of the 12 away matches in the European Cup.

On the other side of the line, coach Julian Nagelsmann also launched the best squad. The visitors used a 4-4-2 formation with strikers Werner and Schick, of these 2 players, of course, Werner was more appreciated, he had 20 goals in the Bundesliga and 25 goals on all sides of the match. Laimer and Ampadu are used in the central midfield position, the two wings are Nkunku and Sabitzer.

Leipzig attacked immediately after the opening whistle
Leipzig attacked immediately after the opening whistle

In defense, without Dayot Upamecano due to suspension, Nagelsmann was forced to use Halstenberg next to Klostermann, the visitors’ two full-backs Angelino and Mukiele, in the wooden frame is still the familiar goalkeeper Gulacsi. This will be a difficult trip for Leipzig, because at home, Tottenham won 8, drew 1 and lost 3 in 12 visits to the German teams.

In the first seconds, the visitors were cornered on the Tottenham pitch. In the 27th, Schick made a very dangerous shot, but the ball missed Lloris’s goal narrowly, then Angelino and Werner had more chances to open the score but failed to win against the Tottenham goalkeeper. Witnessing Leipzig play excitedly, Coach Mourinho directed his students to slow down the match, from which gradually regained the game.

After the opportunities of Leipzig, Tottenham had a very remarkable response situation. 8 minutes into the match Lo Celso poked Bergwijn to have a chance to finish at close range, the shot of number 23 was quite dangerous, but goalkeeper Gulacsi had excellent reflexes. The ball bounced off, but Lucas Moura from the pressure of the center-back sent the ball across the bar.

latest football result
The situation where Gulacsi makes a save for Bergwijn’s kick

The match is still very attractive. 16 minutes, from a corner Schick bounced high header, goalkeeper Lloris stood looking but the ball went off the column in front of disappointment from the former Roma star. 10 minutes later Angelino made a great cross, but Werner could not continue the ball in this case. If the number 11 touches the goalball will come to the away team.

After 31 minutes, a quick counterattack by Lo Celso speeded past 2 opponents and made a pass for Bergwijn to finish, but the player hit the ball with a defender for the visitors off the crossbar. After a corner, the goalkeeper Gulacsi pushed the ball away, Dele Alli took a great long shot but went over the crossbar.

Opportunities are coming for both teams. 36 minutes, Leipzig had a very good opportunity to open the score. Schick had a situation to release the ball for Werner to face Lloris, although the shot was very wide, the player put the ball into the body of the French goalkeeper. Since the beginning of the match, Werner was unable to win against Lloris twice.

latest football result
Timo Werner missed the opportunity to be extremely clear

At the end of the first half, the away team had accumulated but could not score. In the first 45 minutes, Leipzig overwhelmed completely. The German team held the ball 66%, finishing 13 times superior to just 3 times ending from Tottenham. However, the ability to take advantage of opportunities is not good, so Leipzig has not been able to have a goal to overcome.

In the first minute of the second half, follow the possible predictions for today football matches, Tottenham had the opportunity to score but could not take advantage. Aurier stretched in annoyance to Lucas Moura to get into the near goal, but the goalkeeper Gulacsi saved. In a situation of backfill, Bergwijn sent the ball over the bar.

52 minutes in, Leipzig took a free-kick, but Nkunku sent the ball over the crossbar at about 27m. 4 minutes later, the visitors enjoy an 11m goal. Ben Davies fouled K. Laimer in the penalty area, the referee immediately pointed to the penalty spot. On the 11m mark, Timo Werner definitely and decisively put Leipzig ahead.

latest football result
Timo Werner opened the scoring on the 11m mark

After the goal, Tottenham was forced to find a goal, which made more space for the visitors. 62 minutes, from a quick counterattack, Schick had the opportunity to face Lloris, but despite the gap is very wide, the striker still can not beat the goalkeeper of Spurs.

Tottenham is trying hard to find the goal. 73 minutes in, the referee awarded Lo Celso a free-kick, but the ball went wide. P. Gulacsi played well from the start of the match with excellent saves.

In the 85th minute, Tottenham continued to get one more free-kick, this time Eric Lamela was the one to do it. The midfielder’s kick was pretty good, but the away team’s goalkeeper continued to play brilliantly. Since the beginning of the match, Gulacsi has had 5 saves for Leipzig. Moura had a great opportunity to score 89 minutes, but he headed wide to cross the bar.

latest football result
Despite great efforts, Tottenham could not have equalized

In the second half with 5 minutes of injury time, Coach Mourinho praised the students, but the home team could not have equalized. With a 0-1 defeat at home, Tottenham is facing a big disadvantage before the second leg.