Latest football news today: Van Persie advised MU to buy PSG striker

The latest football news today updated: Van Persie advised MU to get the PSG striker. Messi is better than Maradona. There are also some other notable information.

Van Persie advised MU to get the PSG striker.

With a great level of appearance on the latest football news today is when asked about which striker MU should add next summer, the former star at Old Trafford, Van Persie told Sport Bible. “Edinson Cavani. I definitely choose Cavani. He is a proven goalscorer, a scoring machine. He has proven it at Napoli, PSG and even Uruguay. If he regularly plays, Cavani will give the team at least 25 goals a season “.

Edinson Cavani
latest football news today
Edinson Cavani

The reason Chelsea do not have to fear Lewandowski.

10 goals in the group stage also helped Lewandowski lead the Champions League scorer race this season with Erling Braut Haaland. However, Chelsea has a reason not to be too afraid of the striker wearing the number 9 shirt on the Bayern side. The reason behind this latest football news today is that Lewandowski proved to be very ungainly at the knockout stage of the Champions League. In the last two seasons, the former Dortmund striker was “in the back” when the most prestigious tournament in Europe entered the knockout round. His last 18 goals in this arena all come from the group stage.

Messi is better than Maradona.

latest football news today

Before the trip to Napoli’s stadium, where Diego Maradona was considered a monument, Pique midfielder considered Messi the best. “If I were to compare Maradona and Messi, I would definitely choose Messi, because of the miracle that he has brought to football over the years. I have not talked to Leo about playing at San Paolo. He will be happy to play the first time he comes here. The most important thing is that we need to leave here with a beneficial result. “

Smalling determines the future.

“Given the stability I have, the love I feel from my fans in Rome, it will be an interesting decision. That’s what my family feels and myself too. Maybe. I will continue. Some players revealed that if you run around the city, the affection that the people here bring is unbelievable, “Chris Smalling said to the ỉnerview of the latest football news today.

Pogba suddenly praised Liverpool

The MU midfielder acknowledged the strength of the rival team and said that Liverpool deserved to win the Premier League in 2019/20 season.

“Liverpool far surpassed the rest of the Premier League, the trophy certainly belongs to them. As a Man United player, I understand the rivalry between the two teams and don’t want Liverpool to win the title but under From the point of view of a footballer, I admit they deserve what they have shown, “quoted Pobga on Goal.

Former Liverpool Star praised Haaland wisely for rejecting MU

Jamie Redknapp – former Liverpool midfielder and currently Sky Sport’s BLV said that rejecting MU to join Dortmund is an entirely wise decision of Erling Haaland:

“Despite being contacted by MU, Haaland made a smart move when he refused the English team to go to the Bundesliga to play for Dortmund. He did not rush to follow his father Alf-Inge Haaland to move to the Premier League, so he avoids the pressure from public opinion” quoted on Mirror.

“Messi plays like in electronic football”

Napoli coach Gennaro Gattuso praised Lionel Messi before the first leg of the first round of the Champions League with Barca.

“Messi does things only in electronic football. You can’t even imagine. He’s the greatest because of the way he made his career,” said the Milan legend.

“Serie A should play in an abandoned field because of Covid-19”

Covid-19 Epidemic has gained popularity on a lot of latest football news today. Former Italian Football Federation president, Franco Carraro has just proposed BTC Serie A should organize matches on the field without spectators before the Covid- 19. Over the weekend, more than 100 matches in the league (including 3 matches in Serie A) were also postponed due to the complicated disease situation.

Seria A Match ( Exhibited)

Not allowing the spectators to enter the field will take away a big advantage of the home team, but I think that is the least risky solution. In the case of non-spectator play, sports agencies should negotiate with copyright stations so that unregistered viewers can still watch the match at home. “

Controversial: Referee penalties!

According to the decision of the La Liga Organizing Committee, referee Mateu Lahoz will hold the whistle in the Super Classic match between Real Madrid and Barcelona this weekend. This decision caused quite a lot of controversy because in the past, Mr. Lahoz had repeatedly been accused of bias against Real Madrid and made unfavorable decisions for Barcelona.

Barcelona disliked referee Lahoz
Barcelona disliked referee Lahoz

Barcelona and Inter target Arsenal Star:

Tuttosport confirms that Barca and Inter Milan consider the Gabon striker to be the No. 1 target in the summer transfer window of 2020. Aubameyang’s contract with Arsenal is still valid until 2021. Aubameyang has recorded 60 tables after 95 matches for “Gunners”, very good performance.

Henderson is the most important of Liverpool

I appreciate Henderson’s strength and fitness. There are some players who play their way, which may not look good but move up to 12 to 13km from match to match. The teams cannot reach the level of Liverpool without teammates like Henderson, ”former Liverpool player Gerrard said.

Hazard may miss EURO 2020:

According to Roberto Martinez, the star Eden Hazard will not be ready to return to the pitch for at least the next 3 months and that is a big loss for Belgium. The Real Madrid winger broke his ankle and greatly affected his ability to attend Euro 2020.

Real Madrid is the King of Champions League

This is the assessment of coach Pep Guardiola. The Spaniard said he admires Real Madrid but will try to help Man City overcome this opponent in the 1/8 Champions League on the latest football news today.
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