LA LIGA-Sold the striker to Barca, the Spanish team was in irony

Description: The Spanish Football Confederation (RFEF) rejected a request to add the Leganes striker after the team sold Martin Braithwaite to Barca. The arrival of  Braithwaite to Barcelona after the winter transfer is expected to make Leganes face many difficulties in the coming period competing in the La Liga championship.

The Martin Braithwaite deal to Barcelona is of particular interest to the media because the fact that a player is recruited when the transfer market is closed is unprecedented in La Liga.

For Leganes, this can be considered as an unpredictable disaster, when the team located on the outskirts of Madrid has just lost the No. 1 striker while racing relegation and has not been able to find a replacement.

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 Martin Braithwaite in the new outfit in La Liga
The new member of Barcelona

Are there any looses?

The losses suffered by Leganes are expected to be enormous, and it was Barca President Josep Maria Bartomeu who also said that the transfer law put Braithwaite’s old club unfairly in a tight spot.

 Mr. Bartomeu said that they had negotiated and resolved the contract break amount in accordance with the regulations. Having said that, they believed the transfer rules need to be altered because Leganes not buying a replacement of players is certainly unfair.

Martin Braithwaite in the new outfit in La Liga
Martin Braithwaite in the new outfit in La Liga

The decision to sign a small-name player made Barcelona doubted. Even so, the president of the team insisted that this would be the right thing to do: “After doing a lot of analysis, we chose Martin. We believe he can help bring home two. trophies this season. “

Martin Braithwaite was also the first player to be recruited by Barcelona in an “urgent” manner after the transfer rules passed by UEFA from the 2002-2003 season.

Barca admitted injustice when buying Braithwaite

President Barca sympathized with Leganes about losing striker Martin Braithwaite after the transfer period ended.

Said by Barca president Josep Bartomeu that they had made the transfer as the regulations, but admittedly that the regulation is necessarily supposed to be amended,” 

Under the rules of Spanish football, the team has the right to buy players outside the transfer window if there is a long-term injury player. And Barca made it right when they bought off Braithwaite, the striker of Leganes, to replace Ousmane Dembele.

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However, Barca’s advantage is becoming a problem for Leganes. The penultimate team in La Liga has no rules to buy a player for Braithwaite and is asking for approval from the Organizing Committee.

Bartomeu said that it was not fair that Leganes could not buy a replacement.

Braithwaite costs $ 20 million
Braithwaite costs $ 20 million

Over the average five clubs including Esbjerg, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Boro, and Leganes, Braithwaite are having 85 goals in 349 matches. The 28-year-old Danish striker also owns strengths in speed, ability to handle fast and dribbling.

Bartomeu confidently said: “After analyzing many different players, we chose Braithwaite. We believe this transfer will help us win the remaining two titles – La Liga and Champions League. I’m very happy. with the arrival of a new player. He will give us strength. “

According to Marca, Barca will use Braithwaite right from the match against Eibar on February 22. The Danish rookie could be in place of Messi or Griezmann, two players who need to keep up their strength against Napoli in the Champions League midweek.

After transferring Braithwaite to Barca

After transferring Braithwaite to Barca for 18 million euros, Leganes asked RFEF to allow them to buy another striker to continue the relegation race.

According to Football Inside, the 19th ranked team confirmed that RFEF rejected the offer. Therefore, Leganes must accept to play the rest of the season in the absence of the main striker.

In La Liga 2019/20 season, Braiwaite contributed nearly 50% of the goals for Leganes. He scored 6 goals and 2 assists in a total of 18 goals of this team.

On February 21, the Braithwaite striker officially launched Barca. Although the winter transfer market is closed, Barca is still allowed to shop within the domestic league if they can prove a player is not playing until the end of the season.

Earlier, on February 12, Barca confirmed Ousmane suffered a thigh injury. The surgery and recovery process will take about 6 months. That means the French striker is unable to play for the rest of the season.

On the evening of February 22 at  La Liga league, Braithwaite made his debut for Barca from the bench. He contributed 2 assists in the 5-0 victory of “Los Blaugrana” against Eibar.
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