La Liga will resume June 12 and compete … throughout the week

La Liga president Javier Tebas hopes the Spanish championship will return on June 12, with the intention of organizing matches every day.

The fascinating La Liga tournament has been set to return
The fascinating La Liga tournament has been set to return

Javier Tebas is hoping La Liga can keep plans to continue acting on June 12.

Football in Spain has been suspended for nearly 2 months but there are plans to start acting again.

La Liga clubs have been retrained after testing all the players, coaches and coaching staff. The point of ‘coming back’ is also marked: June 12 is the most likely date.

President Tebas did not know the exact date of the ‘comeback’ but the mid-June moment still appeared in his mind. “I don’t know exactly. The return date will depend on the course of the epidemic. I wish it were June 12, but it will depend on the situation, depending on the virus mutation. SARS-CoV-2 ”.

“Liga Premier League and First Division will end at the same time. There will be football in all 35 days ’.

La Liga organizing committee: RFEF’s decision is ‘hasty’

There have been recent news about a number of La Liga players who tested positive for SARS-CoV-2. Tebas admitted; “Hopefully all the players will not be completely infected when the tournament is resumed. We hope Liga returns with virtually no infection. If everything goes as required, there’s nothing to worry about. ”

“If five infected people appear at a club, it is a mistake. We will have to do our best and try our best. ”

“There is a place we cannot control, when the players and the coach come home. They were provided with a chart, showing what to do. ”

Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Atletico are some La Liga clubs that have continued to practice, practice and wait. They are really waiting for the arrival date so fast, hopefully it could be June 12.

Planned to replace 5 people in the match

The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) will propose to increase the right to change people to 5 when La Liga games continue to return, and hope IFAB approved a new proposal to protect players’ health.

Spain proposes to replace 5 people per game.
Spain proposes to replace 5 people per game.

As the government in Spain is gradually easing blockade because of the Covid-19 epidemic, football here is also ready to return. Their top championship, La Liga, confirmed on Monday that teams could return to training this week, with plans to start playing again in June. And alongside safety measures strictly to protect the players, it is also necessary to help them avoid the risk of injury when playing again.

Football has been unexpectedly delayed since mid-March, and even after a minimum of 3 weeks of physical accumulation, it is difficult to avoid the risk of physical overload – because this is already the end of the season, so players will have to immediately start the game with very intense training and competition.

FIFA also recently proposed temporary changes in the replacement rules, wanting to allow the use of five changes in each match (although there is still a binding that only teams can be substituted at 3 specific times). (in each match), and RFEF believes their proposal is justified. If approved, this new rule will apply to all RFEF tournaments, including Segunda B. President Luis Rubiales emphasized: “With this proposal, RFEF wants to take the lead and propose measures. Good for the health of soccer players. ”

All proposals of the RFEF at this time still need approval from IFAB – the International Football Federation Council which has the highest authority to issue and amend and supplement the Football Competition Law.