La Liga was delayed, Barcelona immediately did this to Messi

Barcelona is taking advantage of the break to reinforce the strength of the team.

This is not a smooth season for the Nou Camp team as well as Messi personally

Recently, the Spanish press reported at the same time that Barcelona is aiming at any contract extension with the two pillars Lionel Messi and Marc-Andre ter Stegen. This is not a smooth season for the Nou Camp team as well as Messi personally. The first is that this team has to go through bitter losses, typically the Super Classic confrontation in the round of 26  La Liga 2020 (0-2 defeat to Real Madrid).

Is Messi not happy at Barcelona ?
Is Messi not happy at Barcelona ?

Barcelona’s lack of convincing form has led captain Lionel Messi to experience the worst season in six years. To make things even more difficult, there was news that Messi and the Barcelona leadership were in conflict.

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Specifically, the Argentine star is not satisfied with the tactical scheme of coach Quique Setien. Earlier, Messi had asked River Plate coach Marcelo Gallardo to sit on the hot seat in Barcelona, ​​just as his predecessor Ernesto Valverde was fired. However, the 33-year-old striker’s request was not met, partly because Gallardo still wanted to stay in South America.

Despite the recent contradictions, the Barcelona leadership is still confident to successfully persuade Messi to sign a new contract. President Josep Bartomeu and CEO Oscar Grau are said to be making the most of La Liga 2020‘s postponement period (because of the Covid-19 translation) in exchange for a new personal term with Messi.

Goalkeeper Ter Stegen
Goalkeeper Ter Stegen

Messi’s current contract will expire at the end of next season but right now, he can contact other teams to leave on a free transfer. It was a special offer that Barcelona had for this player in the past but now, it makes the fans of this team sit on fire because Messi is being a lot of “big” in Europe to target.

In addition to trying to retain the symbol of the team that is Lionel Messi, Barcelona also constantly meets the top-performing goalkeeper Ter Stegen. The German goalkeeper is an indispensable pillar when he is Barca’s solid barricade of the past seasons. Therefore, Stegen is also a top priority in Barca’s contract extension. It is expected that the 28-year-old janitor will get a raise to 15 million euros/season to stay with the Catalunya football team until the end of 2024.

Giving the championship trophy to Barca now?

What does the president of the Spanish Football Federation say about the idea of ​​giving the championship trophy to Barca now?

Before the rumor that Barcelona Club could receive the  La Liga 2020 trophy because the tournament was postponed indefinitely because of the Covid-19 epidemic, the head of the Spanish Football Federation shared about this.

The Covid-19 epidemic is seriously affecting the national leagues in Europe. After Serie A or Ligue 1,  La Liga 2020 is also forced to pause to avoid the risk of spreading the disease to the community.

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Now the question that many people are concerned about is when the new tournaments will be able to return. In the case of a disease that lasts until the end of the year, it will obviously be difficult for the 2019-2020 season to continue.

The president of the Spanish Football Federation said that giving the championship trophy to Barcelona at this time was unfair
The president of the Spanish Football Federation said that giving the championship trophy to Barcelona at this time was unfair

Many people think that champions of tournaments should be determined according to the current rankings. However, according to the Spanish Football Federation president, Luis Rubiales, it would not be fair to finish the tournament and give the championship to Barcelona at this time.

La Liga president said that: “As agreed with the whole of Europe, the tournament will have a deadline of 30/6 to end this season. This is the way to get the consensus

No team will be awarded a trophy though there are only a few matches left. I cannot guarantee that this season will end. Maybe it will be canceled. But it would be unfair to recognize the results at this time and award the trophy to Barcelona. ”

Currently, La Liga 2020 has 11 more rounds to go but the race to win the tournament has not been finished yet. Barca is leading the table now, but they are only 2 points ahead of Real Madrid. And it is clear that Luis Rubiales is right not to recognize Barcelona in this season.
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