La Liga return, Spain is about to relax social quarantine

Spain’s top football league (La Liga return) has just received the good news when the people of this country will be relaxed social isolation from next week, following a statement by Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

Barcelona and Real Madrid are eager to return to compete for the La Liga championship
Barcelona and Real Madrid are eager to return to compete for the La Liga championship

Spain and La Liga return  are looking forwards to happen 

The Spanish government said it would unveil a new plan early next week in easing the social quarantine it expects to apply in the second half of May. “If the pandemic situation continues in a positive way as it did now, from 2.5, individual physical activity will be allowed and walking, “the Spanish Prime Minister said on April 25. 

This is undoubtedly good news for the hope of an early return to the country’s sporting events after being suspended by the Covid-19 epidemic, including the leading Spanish football league (La Liga).

Unlike most other countries in the world , since the introduction of social isolation on March 14, Spain does not allow anyone to go out on foot, jog or bike. Residents only allow them to leave their homes to buy food or medicine, as well as activities that comply with the Covid-19 anti-epidemic health.

The Spanish Prime Minister’s statement was issued a day after the country had 367 deaths – the lowest daily number of deaths due to Covid-19 in four weeks. More than 22,900 people in Spain have died due to Covid-19 infection.

Fans will not be allowed to go to the pitch to prevent the infection of Covid-19

Thus, with the latest government move, La Liga organizers are hoping to bring the games back to complete the season. Earlier, after the controversy between football officials around the effort to end the previous season the risk of “evaporating” about 1 billion euros of revenue, La Liga players and the Spanish professional football league. has been ordered to be allowed to return to training in early May.

According to the Spanish press, La Liga clubs can take place in days to determine who has been infected with Covid -19 and who mayturn to training under strict guidelines to try to end the 2019-2020 season. Accordingly, initial test have immunity. The inspection will likely continue with regular restrictions to prevent an outbreak of the disease again, in which “banning” the audience to the yard.

Before being suspended, La Liga return will continue 27 rounds with the top of Barcelona, 2 points ahead of Real Madrid (58 versus 56) when the tournament was 11 rounds.

Will Zidane have “heavy weapons” for the championship ambition?

As previously reported, COVID-19 is causing all activities in the world to be delayed, football is no exception. Currently, the world football village is forced to postpone indefinitely, in order to minimize the lowest risk caused by COVID-19. Moreover, the recent Dutch league has just decided to cancel the results of the 2019/20 season because the government of the country banned long-term football activities.

For Spain, specifically La Liga return, it is not known when the tournament can return because the bullfighting country is one of the countries spread and suffered heavy damage from the Corona Virus. However, at the moment, the race to win La Liga 2019/20 is still in a fierce and unpredictable stage. The gap between Barcelona and Real Madrid is quite fragile.

What does Real Madrid have to confidently compete for the title against Barcelona? The answer given by Marca is Eden Hazard. The Belgian star has just undergone surgery and suffered a lot of physical problems since arriving in Los Blancos. However, Hazard is still considered the No. 1 hope of Real, on the way to recover the white vulture.

Zidane is looking forward to Hazard's return.
Zidane is looking forward to Hazard’s return.

Hazard’s recovery time is expected to be about 3 months. The time of the last break was also a very good opportunity for the Belgian star to focus on convalescing, determined to return stronger.

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