La Liga results: Messi kept silence, Barca collapsed against Real Madrid

On a gloomy day with the La Liga results, the 32-year-old superstar knows only quietly to see the home team fall to a Real Madrid playing extremely excellent and brave.

La Liga results
Real Madrid and goals against Barcelona (La Liga results)

Both Real and Barca came to the league with the intention to occupy the midfield area, which makes every ball tend to become choking from the first minutes. Neither team is too superior to their opponents in terms of possession.

Real Madrid mainly attacks from the wings but the opportunities they create are not really dangerous. In contrast, Barca players choose direct play and metamorphic attack. However, Griezmann, Arthur or Messi are unable to win against Thibaut Courtois even in a face-to-face position. The two teams entered the break without scoring a goal in the table of La Liga results.

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The first half was very stressful
The first half was very stressful

Entering the second half, coach Zinedine Zidane took the initiative in directing the game players to attack more aggressively and they continued to create dangerous brakes.

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Toni Kroos performed an extremely high level of a slot which created a favorable opportunity for Vinicius in the 71st minute. Brazilian prodigy made good use of the shot from the narrow-angle to touch Pique’s foot into the net, leading the home team to the lead.

La Liga results

After the goal, the more Barca players stalemate. The ball on the ball of Blaugrana easily broken by the Real players. Superstar Messi on a quiet day did not help the home team get any remarkable opportunity.

Messi completely missing.
Messi completely missing.

After a busy attack, the visitors paid the price at the last minute of the match. Striker Mariano Diaz took advantage of the speed and fitness when he was just launched, he swept and then finely set the score 2-0 of the match.

This glorious victory helped the Vulture reclaim the No. 1 position in La Liga from the great rival Barca. Moreover, this will be great mental medicine for Los Blancos before the task of defeating Etihad in the second leg of the 1/8 Champions League.

Final La Liga results: Real Madrid 2-0 Barcelona.

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– Real Madrid:

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Final La Liga results: Real Madrid 2-0 Barcelona.

– Barcelona:

Final La Liga results: Real Madrid 2-0 Barcelona.

Major developments: 

FINISHING MATCH: La Liga result 2-0 to Real Madrid

90 ‘+ 2: Scored

Mariano Diaz put an end to Barca after a quick counterattack: 2-0 to Real

90 ‘: Second match has 3 minutes of extra time

89 ‘: Ramos takes the free-kick over the wall

88 ‘: Free kick for Real at a distance of 20m

86 ‘: Real Madrid makes a substitution, Lucas Vazquez replaces Federico Valverde

85’: Messi’s yellow card after an illegal clearance

84’: Vinicius just danced in front of the Barcelona goal but he could not hit the shot

80’: coach Setien launches Fati on the pitch

79 ‘: Modric comes on for Isco

78 ‘: Real is actively reducing the tempo of the match

74 ‘: Messi cannot take advantage of a counter-attack

71 ‘: Scored…

Toni Kroos has an extremely high level of the slit that creates a great opportunity for Vinicius. Brazilian prodigy made good use of the shot into the tight corner to touch Pique’s foot into the net. 1-0 to Real.

70 ‘: Vidal leaves the field to make room for rookie Martin Braithwaite

69 ‘: Offside

Sergio Ramos had a shot in the penalty, the Real coach has fallen into an offside position

66 ‘: Good save for Casemiro


62 ‘: Still Toni Kroos with an inaccurate shot

La Liga result

60 ‘: NO

Los Blancos’ unsuccessful free-kick arrangement


Casemiro lacked accuracy from outside the box


Ter Stegen performed an incredible save followed by a cool Isco’s shot

53’: Vinicius could not stretch the wall after a breakthrough effort

48’: Messi failed to finish

47 ‘: 78,357 spectators came to the Bernabeu to witness the Super Classic match




38 ‘: NOT IN

Messi faces Courtois, but he has yet to win against the Belgian goalkeeper


Vinicius launched a shot from outside the box, but the shot was caught by Ter Stegen


34 ‘: RESCUE

Arthur had the opportunity to face Courtois, and the winner was Real Madrid’s keeper

30 ‘: MISS

Messi had a good chance in the box but his right-footed shot was easily defended by Courtois


29 ‘: NOT IN

Continuing to be an inaccurate finish of Toni Kroos

27 ‘: DANGER

Fede Valverde has a very good cross, unfortunately, Benzema cannot touch the ball

25 ‘: The match is happening at an average speed

21 ‘: NOT IN

Antoine Griezmann has a cushion on the inside of the penalty area, the ball goes over the bar

19’: Alba and Carvajal have had situations back and forth. Both must receive a yellow card


15 ‘: DANGER

Toni Kroos has a penalty area, but his left foot shot is not accurate

13: Messi has not had a remarkable ball yet 


10 ‘: Yellow card for Vinicius after mixing with Semedo

9 ‘: The midfield is becoming very tense



A very quick phase of Benzema, the ball went over the bar

6’: Continued as a corner for the home team

5 ‘: It is raining quite heavily at the Bernabeu


La Liga results

4’: Barcelona is holding the ball better in the first minutes

1 ‘: Corner for Real Madrid

Above are the La Liga results and the detailed development of the match.
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