La Liga president revealed the time of the tournament back

La Liga 2019/20 season could be about to close soon because of the spread of the Corona (Covid-19) pandemic. Ignore proposals to cancel the result, play-off kicks because Corona (Covid-19), La Liga president desperately wants the tournament to be held again.

La Liga  president revealed the time of the tournament back

Covid-19: La Liga is in danger of canceling the tournament, who will the championship belong?

All football activities in Spain have been postponed until at least April 4 due to the serious spread of Corona (Covid-19). The country has recorded more than 6,300 cases and 191 deaths. That made Spain the second largest country to suffer losses in Europe, after Italy.

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La Liga president Javier Tebas said he would not be afraid to cancel this season if it would benefit the community. In an interview with Spanish radio station Cadena, he said: “I worked all weekends, I discussed via video and phoned organizations in Europe as well as employers. President of Spanish teams. “

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“We are having a very important week ahead. What we will face is that the season may be canceled.

“I contacted Italy and Germany to try to arrange the schedule but this is a serious health issue. The season is still 25% progress, we will have to review the budget if the season ends now.

La Liga president is not afraid to cancel this season
La Liga president is not afraid to cancel this season

Most clubs in Spain have stopped all practice activities in recent days. At the time of La Liga 2019/20 suspension, Barca is at the top of the table and 2 points higher than Real Madrid.

According to Sport, the Camp Nou team will ask the authorities to recognize them as champions if this season is canceled. However, there are suggestions that the champion this season will be vacant, as no one is relegated.

At this time in Spain, the government has issued regulations restricting people from leaving home, except to buy necessities and medicine. In addition, schools across the country have closed.

In the coming time, the European Football Federation will also meet to decide the future of EURO 2020. It is likely that this tournament will be postponed and moved to next year.

Deciding not to give the cup early to Barca

The whole of Europe is living in anxiety because of the Corona (Covid-19) pandemic. The number of infections increased at a rapid rate throughout each day. Spain is also one of the countries most affected.

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In Spain, the Valencia club is struggling when up to 35% of the team members have Corona (Covid-19). Earlier, La Liga organizers also announced the postponement of the two 28th and 29th rounds of the tournament. However, before the unpredictability of the pandemic, La Liga 2019/20 may have to postpone longer than that.

La Liga

La Liga President, Javier Tebas is pondering the timing of his return: “There are a number of options, we expect the tournament to continue in April or May. It is not ruled out. later. We have to wait for the decision from UEFA “.

The end of the season immediately will be a difficult problem with the distribution of benefits between the teams, the headache is more than finding the champions and the places to attend the European Cup, promotion, next season.

Not only La Liga 2019/20 but all other tournaments are also faced with these choices. On March 17, UEFA will have a meeting with the federation of members to come up with a plan to complete the tournament.

Saving EURO 2020 to 2021 so that the tournaments can end in the summer is a way to get a lot of support. However, according to British media reported, the club will have to pay 275 million pounds to UEFA for this option to be implemented.
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