La Liga president ‘Messi is not too necessary for the tournament’

La Liga president Javier Tebas affirmed that even if Lionel Messi leaves, La Liga will still live healthy, like what they did after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo.

The conflict between Messi and Barcelona have no sign to stop

Messi is a symbol of living in Barcelona, so he left the Camp Nou when he was at his peak, like a fantasy movie. However, recent developments are showing the opposite. Messi is increasingly in deep conflict with the leadership of Barcelona, headed by president Josep Bartomeu and each “hum” may move to another team. This week, former president Inter, Massimo Moratti also said the prospect of the former team recruiting Messi is not a “dream dream”.

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“I don’t think Messi’s arrival can solve the problems of Serie A, the league related to a series of bad issues such as debts and unusually high revenues,” Marca quoted. La Liga president, Javier Tebas stated.

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Rumors of Messi leaving Barcelona to appear more and more.
Rumors of Messi leaving Barcelona to appear more and more.

In the 2019/20 season, the rift in the relationship between Lionel Messi and the Barcelona leadership began to appear. The culmination of the conflict is when the Argentine superstar bluntly rejected CEO Eric Abidal on social networks after his tacitly offensive words towards the player.

Conflicts were later resolved, but rumors about Messi leaving Barcelona still appeared. Many people worry that if the scenario happens, it will bring great economic damage not only for Barcelona but for the tournament.

However, La Liga president, Javier Tebas was not too worried: “The issue of Serie A has been pointed out, and it cannot be solved by Lionel Messi. I want him to stay, but if he leaves, that’s not must be the tragedy of La Liga “.

Messi’ leave would not be a “huge loss” as rumored

La Liga president later cited the case of Cristiano Ronaldo to prove his claim: “When Ronaldo left, people said that the tournament would be lost. However, we even collected more, including on the Portuguese territory. The players are very helpful, but not to the extent necessary for the tournament. 

I want Messi to stay in La Liga but if he leaves then it’s not a big deal. It has been said that Cristiano Ronaldo leaving La Liga will make the tournament lose, but instead, we even earned more in Portugal. Players are very important but not critical for a tournament. “

Talking about the possibility of Barcelona reuniting with Neymar, Javier Tebas said: “Of course, I want Neymar to return. With his level, he is in the Top 3 best players in the world. Although Neymar did not identify the tournament. but it would still be great for La Liga if he comes back.

Currently, Messi’s most potential destination if he leaves La Liga is the Inter Milan club. The team playing in Serie A is willing to spend boldly to bring the 33-year-old superstar to Giuseppe Meazza and help him reunite Lautaro Martinez, the number one teammate in Argentina.

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