La Liga Officially Delayed Indefinitely, Who’ll Be The Champion?

La Liga officially delayed indefinitely

Accordingly, the Spanish national championship La Liga officially delayed indefinitely. The decision was agreed after an important meeting between the organizers of professional football leagues and the Spanish Football Federation.

Specifically, all professional football leagues in the country will be delayed without an appointment to return. This was the quick ruling of the Spanish Football Federation when the worldwide pandemic was spreading too fast in this country.

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La Liga Officially Delayed Indefinitely, Who'll Be The Champion?

La Liga officially delayed indefinitely

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The La Liga homepage asserted that they will not let the leagues return until the Spanish government confirms its safety. Earlier, the organizers of La Liga have confirmed that they will postpone for a period of 2 weeks from March 12. If returning, the match will take place without the audience. However, things are becoming more complicated as the epidemic spread too fast in recent days.

The whole country of Spain is struggling to cope with the rapid increase in cases. According to the latest figures released yesterday, nearly 30,000 cases of the pandemic virus positive and nearly 2,000 deaths have been confirmed.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced over the weekend that Spain will maintain strict isolation measures, at least until April 11. That is one of the reasons why La Liga cannot return.

Some teams playing in La Liga were also heavily affected by the pandemic. These include Valencia with 35% of first-team players and staff positive for the virus, or 15 infections in Alaves. Notably, former Real Madrid president Lorenzo Sanz passed away because of Covid-19 over the weekend.

The championship race in La Liga this season is still very attractive between Barca and Real when the difference between the two teams is only 2 points. With the tournament postponed indefinitely as currently, La Liga champions this season do not know when the new owner.

Real suddenly becomes “champion”

Of course, Real Madrid‘s ability to win the La Liga title this year is entirely bright, but when the La Liga officially delayed indefinitely because of the pandemic, the West’s royal team Spain to the throne was a utopia.

Real Madrid crowned champion of La Liga ... in video games
Real Madrid crowned champion of La Liga … in video games

But Real Madrid did it by winning the game, namely FIFA 20. The one who brought glory to this team was none other than their own midfielder Marco Asensio. The Real Madrid star represented this team to defeat their rival Leganes in the final of the tournament. This is a game created by FIFA in conjunction with La Liga organizers so that the players can compete … by hand.

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With the goal of helping the players to limit themselves from being isolated from the disease, the tournament also raised more than 140,000 euros in prize money, donated by the Real Madrid champion Marco Asensio to the charity. Medical doctors are working day and night against the pandemic. Under the influence of the epidemic, La Liga is postponed indefinitely, which is an opportunity for players to interact in the video games that they are the characters in it.

Asensio's talent has been shown on FIFA 20
Asensio’s talent has been shown on FIFA 20

According to the knockout format, the players will represent their teams playing online against each other. Midfielder Asensio proved to be very good in this game and he and Real Madrid stepped up to the championship in a funny way.

In the final, he defeated Aitor Ruibal (Leganes) 4-2 with a brace of Asensio himself. This special tournament has created a huge attraction on Twitter. Fans are excited to watch football stars play video games during La Liga and many of Europe’s top domestic leagues have been delayed due to the epidemic.

Despite winning to help Real Madrid to the throne, but Asensio is still struggling with a knee injury. According to doctors at the Bernabeu home team, Asensio is expected to return only next season.
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