La Liga League & The Trend Of Using Self-Trained Players

It is time for the Spaniard to give more opportunities to the players to train themselves! La Liga league has witnessed the golden generation of Quinta del Buitre of Real Madrid or Barca’s 1987 generation. This is also the solution for clubs to overcome financial difficulties by the global pandemic!

La Liga League & The Trend Of Using Self-Trained Players

La Liga league & the trend of using self-trained players

In a recent statement, La Liga Chairman Javier Tebas advised clubs to overcome difficulties by the global pandemic: “You need to put your trust in the players who train themselves and try to borrow players”. Obviously, if Tebas did not make the comment, most clubs would understand, it is the only solution to solve the force problems in this season and the next season.

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Most Spanish clubs in particular and Europe in general, have exhausted their budgets due to the pandemic. They even had to sell their players, liquidate their assets, and even reduce their salaries to maintain their survival, so buying rookies is clearly not possible, especially for small and medium teams, or the big guys are in a financial crisis like Barca.

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Many have said that football will return to its value next season, even a few years later. Meaning, clubs will use existing players, the number of talents they train themselves. This sudden change will affect the strength and stature of many tournaments, many clubs that rely heavily on rookie purchases, but maybe an opportunity for Spanish football.

Bilbao is the most famous team in La Liga league specializing in self-training players
Bilbao is the most famous team in La Liga league specializing in self-training players

First, Spain is famously good at training players. They have even been the best football player in the world for years. In particular, players trained by Gaur have a very high and stable quality ground. Moreover, there have been many La Liga clubs that rely almost exclusively on domestic players so far, even those trained by themselves, such as Sociedad, Villarreal, Espanyol and especially Bilbao. The fact has proven that they are still healthy, still, achieve significant success with this policy.

Moreover, there are many examples to prove that the club can be very strong, even reaching the world’s top giants, even if only based on the source of self-trained players. Even the best-rated teams in the La Liga league in the past 30 years have been based on their own self-training players. The first is to mention the generation of Quinta del Buitre (White Vulture) of Real in the 80s of the last century when La Liga league dominated for many consecutive years. Then came the Real stage, also very powerful in the late 20th century when winning the 7th and 8th Champions League, with many mature pillars from the club training, like Sanchis, Hierro, Raul, Morientes, Casillas. Or Helguera.

And most striking is Barca in the Tiqui-taca era. They dominate Spanish football and the world for a long time, with home-grown stars, like Valdes, Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets, Messi, Pedro … Match them to the field with all 11 players training themselves in this golden era.

Thus, the use of self-training players is not a big problem for Spanish clubs. This is also an opportunity for them to grow stronger and more sustainable, of course, it is also a great opportunity for young talents of Gaur.

100 self-trained players

Right this season, La Liga league is having 100 players playing for the clubs that train them, not all Spanish players. Of these, 51 are considered main kick players. That means the resources “homegrown” of the gaur country is still very large and abundant.

1 – Bilbao and Sociedad are the two clubs with the most self-training players in La Liga league this season, with 18 and 13 players respectively.

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