La Liga considers cutting the player contract because of Covid-19

La Liga teams are considering cutting temporary contracts with the players, to avoid financial losses during the Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic.

In addition, Spanish football has just received shocking information when a football club in La Liga 2020,  Deportivo Alaves Club confirmed they had up to 15 members infected with Corona Virus (Covid-19).

Postponed to the end of March because of Covid-19.

After EURO 2020 is postponed to the summer of 2021, La Liga 2020 is arranging a new schedule, so that it can complete the rest of the season.

La Liga teams consider stopping player contracts during the Covid-19 pandemic
La Liga teams consider stopping player contracts during the Covid-19 pandemic

However, given the serious situation in Spain (by the end of March 19, according to local time, there were more than 18,000 Corona Virus (Covid-19) infections, 833 deaths), La Liga could not start at the beginning of April.

The delay of La Liga 2020 caused the clubs great financial losses, especially television rights and ticket sales. According to COPE, the value of television rights in the remainder of La Liga and Segunda is equivalent to 550 million euros.

In the context of no revenue, the team still has to pay players’ salaries, in addition to other staff costs. To minimize damage, La Liga and Segunda clubs are considering implementing the Temporary Employment Regulations (ERTE), permitted by Spanish law.

In Spain, ERTE is provided for in Article 47 of the Worker Charter. This provision allows companies (hereinafter referred to as clubs) in special situations, to create continuity of risk, to temporarily suspend employment contracts, or to reduce temporary working hours.

During the time ERTE is applied, the workers (here the players) are supported unemployment.

Las Palmas – currently playing in Segunda – was the first team to announce the application of ERTE to deal with losses due to the Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic. However, the club temporarily retracted the decision.

The team in La Liga confirmed 15 members infected with Corona Virus (Covid-19)

Deportivo Alaves is 14th in La Liga 2019/20.
Deportivo Alaves is 14th in La Liga 2019/20.

The Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic is raging in Europe, of which Italy and Spain are the two countries most heavily affected. In these two countries, not only civilians but also a number of players and celebrities are also infected with Corona Virus (Covid-19).

The latest, Deportivo Alaves Club made Spanish football tremble when they confirmed they had 15 members positive for Corona Virus (Covid-19). The spread of Corona Virus (Covid-19) at this club shocked many people. Last weekend, Deportivo Alaves identified two people infected with Corona Virus (Covid-19).

Announcing on the homepage, Deportivo Alaves said: “The club had a total of 15 cases of Corona Virus (Covid-19)infection, including 3 players, 7 members of the coaching staff and 5 employees.”

“The club decided to conduct the Corona Virus (Covid-19) test on all members of the extended family Deportivo Alaves. This is the best way at the moment to find out where the infection is, thereby preventing the spread of the virus. By this time, people with Corona Virus (Covid-19)infection have good health and are isolated at home. ”

Deportivo Alaves is the second club in La Liga to have many cases of Corona Virus (Covid-19). Earlier, Valencia reported that up to 35% of the first-team members were infected with this acute pneumonia virus.

According to the plan, La Liga 2020 will be postponed until early April. However, with the increasingly complicated disease situation, the highest-regarded Spanish football tournament is in danger of not returning.

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