La Liga championship after Covid-19: Is Barca or Real better?

The teams in La Liga have returned to training, and the day for Spain’s No. 1 tournament to continue the journey of 2019/20 is not far away. At that time, the La Liga championship race really started.

La Liga championship

The government has allowed La Liga to play again since June 8

Recently, the Prime Minister of Spain – Mr. Pedro Sanchez confirmed that the government allowed La Liga to play again since June 8. With words like the heart, the bulls of the country were busy practicing again, waiting for the completion of the remaining 11 rounds.

Barca is still better than Real in the La Liga race

The highlight of La Liga’s post-COVID-19 route is the championship race between Barcelona and Real Madrid. At the time the tournament was at risk of being canceled midway through the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, it was suggested that the organizers should always give the championship to the team that is leading the Barca group.

Of course, rival Real Madrid will not accept that plan. The gap between Real and Barca at this time is only 2 points. After 27 rounds, the giant of Catalunya has 58 points, while Madrid is behind with 56 points. So, the option of giving the championship to Barca actually has no chance at all.

The difference between Barca and Real now is very small and can change only after 1 round. However, to a certain extent, 2 points more than “sworn enemies” also makes the students of coach Quique Setien feel more confident and comfortable when playing again.

Barca is a bit disadvantageous in terms of schedule

Mundo Deportivo newspaper said Barca is a bit disadvantage in terms of schedule. Because Quique Setien’s army meets more opponents than Real in the sprint period at the end of the season.

Waiting for a long-distance match between coach Setien and Zidane
Waiting for a long-distance match between coach Setien and Zidane

In the next 11 rounds, the Catalunya team also has to face teams that are more or less difficult for them this season including Sevilla, Atletico, Bilbao, and Espanyol. In addition, Mr. Setien’s teachers and students still have to play 6 matches away. While Real only met 2 opponents “snakes” Valencia and Sociedad, played 6 matches at home.

Fortunately for Barca is the home factor – away in the remaining 11 rounds is not so important. Because all matches must take place in an unattended yard to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Basically, it’s just a game of 22 players on the field.

As for the force, the two teams are almost the same. After the prolonged Covid-19 outbreak, Barca had the return of many pillars after injury. In particular, the return of striker Luis Suarez to practice after a long time away from the pitch is extremely good news for Barca at the sprint stage of the season.

Setien was able to launch the strongest attack with the trio of Messi – Suarez – Griezmann after Covid-19. Meanwhile, Coach Zidane also welcomed Eden Hazard back. In the past period, Hazard’s contribution ability is very limited because of injury. Now is the time when the most expensive player in Real history proves worth.

In many ways, the two teams are almost at the same starting point. Therefore, the La Liga championship this season promises to be decided only in the final rounds. Regrettably, the direct confrontation of these two teams took place on March 2, in round 26 of defining the La Liga championship. If meeting at the last stage, the championship race will certainly be much more attractive.