La Liga players need a minimum of 5 weeks of preparation

Although Sevilla coach Julen Lopetegui supports La Liga soon to resume the season, he believes it will take a lot of time to expect the player to achieve the highest level of readiness both physically and mentally because of Covid-19’s impact.

Coach Julen Lopetegui warned that pushing players back after the epidemic is a huge challenge.
Coach Julen Lopetegui warned that pushing players back after the epidemic is a huge challenge.

Coaches and Players will fave enormous challenge 

La Liga 2019 2020 has been interrupted since mid-March, before witnessing Spain becoming the new focus of the Covid-19 epidemic in Europe – so far there have been nearly 230,000 people infected, more than any other country in Europe and a total of 23,521 people died. However, new data released Monday only recorded 288 deaths, the lowest level since March 20, and the country’s government has also been optimistic to gradually ease the blockade measures since Sunday.

This motion also gives a signal to see when La Liga 2019 2020 can resume. However, even in that situation, there is still a lot of concern about the willingness of the protagonists – players who spend 2 months living in fear of disease and at the same time suffering from illness. Complete interruption of exercise mode.

And coach Lopetegui, who is with Sevilla in third place before La Liga 2019 2020 postponed, analyzed on Sport: “In case the season is allowed to resume, we must have a certain extra time. to prepare. We want to end the season, but at the same time, no one can predict anything exactly in this situation. What I can assure you are, this return is completely different from the preparation before each season, because the player’s mental and physical readiness is not even 20%.

The former coach of Spain and Real Madrid added: “We need to be clear that, when circumstances allow with the guarantee of the Government, the players still need a considerable amount of time to adapt again. We are all human, we have our own concerns, especially in the case of teams with infected players. As a manager, with experience, I think it will take at least 5 weeks for a player to be ready to play at 3 days a game, in a condition that no one has ever experienced – no just playing in the audience’s yard, but also the impact after this nightmare. ”

La Liga confused day back

La Liga calculated in May but was still confused with the options.
La Liga calculated in May but was still confused with the options.

The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has planned for teams to return to training to keep the ball rolling at the end of May but still receives a lot of caution and fear from insiders. 

RFEF has offered several options for discussion with clubs with the aim of completing the season to reduce financial losses without making a final decision.

Real Madrid striker Gareth Bale said La Liga should not be hurriedly restarted when the COVID-19 epidemic was still under control: “We all want to play football but the most important thing is that everyone is safe. safe. We don’t want to go back too soon, because we need to make sure everything is okay to avoid the second risk of this virus. ”

La Liga president Javier Tebas, revealing a number of options to return to the tournament, is considering announcing to the practice clubs from April 4-5: “The scenarios we are considering restarting La Liga 2019 2020 as early as 28 or 29-5 but could be early June or even as late as June 28. Mr. Tebas calculated that the new ball will save Spanish clubs without losing 1 billion euros of revenue if they complete La Liga and European competitions.

However, the wishes of the head of La Liga only in theory, at a time when Spain is under strict isolation and reeling after 22,000 deaths due to COVID-19 epidemic.

In contrast, the Spanish Football Association (AFE) agreed with the views of the Wales Bale when he called for caution. “Ask yourself whether La Liga is really a good idea again, is it?” Is rolling ball safe? Because our main concern is the safety of our lives, ”said Espanyol goalkeeper Diego Lopez when he realized the risk was too great for eight Espanyol players to be positive for COVID-19.

Barcelona and Spain midfielder Sergio Busquets also expressed doubts about the proposed return of La Liga president: “I think that is not possible because we cannot practice without being close. with others”.

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