The Entire LA Lakers Had Their Tests Folded And Quarantined

Earlier this morning, Brooklyn Nets announced four cases of COVID-19 infection. This made the LA Lakers extremely worried because they were the team that met Brooklyn in the last match before the season was postponed.

After just one night, the number of COVID-19 infections in the NBA doubled when the Brooklyn Nets officially announced four new cases of the coronavirus-positive virus, including Kevin Durant. Four Brooklyn players are the fourth to the seventh case in the NBA. Apart from Durant, the identities of the other three Nets players have not been revealed.

Aware of your players being able to get Covid-19 from 4 virus-positive players in Brooklyn Nets. The LA Lakers’ leadership immediately contacted the players as well as the people involved in the team to perform the Covid-19 virus testing procedures on each person. The NBA medical team, as well as the Lakers, will be responsible for the daily health check of the players.

Now teams linked to the Brooklyn Nets in March have been notified for a physical examination.

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However, the most worried team was the LA Lakers when LeBron James and his teammates had just played with Brooklyn just before the season was postponed. It was the Lakers game that suddenly lost to the Nets by the ball that brought Spencer Dinwiddie’s victory.

LeBron James and his teammates played against the Brooklyn Nets last week
LeBron James and his teammates played against the Brooklyn Nets last week

With 4 positive players of Brooklyn Nets’ SARS-CoV-2, LA Lakers side immediately implemented a 14-day self-isolation process.

LA Times journalist Brad Turner shared that the team has plans to test it tonight (in Vietnam). It is not difficult to get samples of Lakers players because according to confirmation from ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, almost all team members are still in LA.

While waiting for the results of the test, the players will be advised to stay in their own homes and limit their movement.

Earlier, the Lakers were allowed to leave LA if needed, as long as they had to report daily health to the medical team. Training sessions with many players at once were also canceled. The coaching board only allows players to practice individually (1 on 1) with the individual coach at the training facility.

Brooklyn Nets has 4 players positive for COVID-19
Brooklyn Nets has 4 players positive for COVID-19

As many teams began to worry and perform tests with their own finances, the Brooklyn Nets went ahead and found 4 cases of COVID-19 infection.

Posted in the press release, the team leader sent a warning to everyone that:

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“The team is working hard to contact anyone who has been in contact with the players, including recent rival teams, and is working closely with local health officials in disclosing information about the pandemic.

All Brooklyn Nets players and members have been asked to isolate themselves from the medical team. The health of the players and staff is the LA Lakers team’s top priority. Besides, we are also willing to do everything in our power to ensure that those involved and affected by the disease will receive the best care.”