Kyoto Sanga vs Tokyo Verdy Prediction | J.League 2 | 11/11

Kyoto Sanga vs Tokyo Verdy prediction – In round 33, Verdy had a trip to Kyoto’s yard, ranked 7th in the rankings. The performance level has slowed recently, it is not easy for Verdy to score in this difficult forecasted match.

Kyoto Sanga vs Tokyo Verdy Prediction


  • Match date: 10:00 am on Wednesday 11th November 2020
  • Event: J.League 2
  • Stage: Matchday 33rd
  • Location: Nishikyogoku Athletic Stadium


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  • 11/08/2020 – Tochigi SC 1 – 0 Kyoto Sanga (H1: 0 – 0)
  • 11/04/2020 – Kyoto Sanga 2 – 1 Fagiano Okayama (H1: 0 – 0)
  • 11/01/2020 – Kyoto Sanga 3 – 0 Montedio Yamagata (H1: 1 – 0)


  • 11/07/2020 – Tokyo Verdy 1 – 2 Tokushima Vortis (H1: 1 – 1)
  • 11/04/2020 – Tokyo Verdy 2 – 2 Zweigen Kanazawa FC (H1: 1 – 1)
  • 11/01/2020 – Albirex Niigata 2 – 2 Tokyo Verdy (H1: 1 – 1)


  • 08/29/2020 – Tokyo Verdy 2 – 0 Kyoto Sanga (H1: 2 – 0)
  • 08/04/2019 – Kyoto Sanga 4 – 0 Tokyo Verdy (H1: 3 – 0)
  • 06/02/2019 – Tokyo Verdy 1 – 4 Kyoto Sanga (H1: 0 – 3)




  • After two consecutive convincing victories against Montedio Yamagata and Fagiano Okayama both at home, on the last trip on the field of the opponent who is supposed to be competing directly at this time, Tochigi SC, Kyoto Sanga unexpectedly lost 0-1, which is the team that in the first leg they won 3-2 at home. 
  • It can be seen that Coach Saneyoshi’s army is playing effectively in recent home matches when they have won all of their last 3 matches, so they are also the second-best home team at the moment when they have 32 points after 15 matches. Moreover, the last 3 consecutive home wins also show Kyoto Sanga’s progress when they have lost 3 consecutive matches.


  • Tokyo Verdy has had 6 consecutive matches in the past without ever enjoying the joy of victory, including 4 draws and 2 losses. However, to be fair, this is not a bad achievement when most of them are teams that are more appreciated than them, including a 2-2 draw on the field of Albirez Niigata, the team is ranked 4th on the chart at the moment. 
  • In the previous round, the Ajinomoto home team had a bad game despite having failed, as evidenced by the fact that they made the top team at the moment Tokushima Vortis face many difficulties and only lost close Final score 1-2.

Although there are not good results in the recent rounds, one of the reasons is that Tokyo Verdy’s recent opponents have been somewhat appreciated and only lost 1-2 to the current team. Leading the standings is Tokushima Vortis in the previous round which is clearly not a bad achievement. Also, remember that in the first leg, Tokyo Verdy won 2-0 against Kyoto Sanga, so they can get good results in this trip. 

Therefore, the Kyoto Sanga vs Tokyo Verdy prediction believes that it is not easy for the home team to win against this opponent and the possibility of a draw is very likely.

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Kyoto Sanga vs Tokyo Verdy prediction: Kyoto Sanga 1 – 1 Tokyo Verdy (H1: 0 – 1)

Kyoto Sanga vs Tokyo Verdy Prediction


  • Kyoto Sanga: Keisuke Shimizu, Jordy Buijs, Jun Ando, Yuki Honda, Kyohei Kuroki, Sota Kawasaki, Takahiro Iida, Yoshihiro Shoji, Yutaka Soneda, Keiya Sento, Maduabuchi Peter Utaka
  • Tokyo Verdy: Takahiro Shibasaki, Tomohiro Taira, Shohei Takahashi, Takayuki Fukumura, Masashi Wakasa, Haruya Ide, Yuhei Sato, Joeru Fujita, Jin Hanato, Ryoya Yamashita, Junki Koike