Kyle Walker’s Career In England Is Coming To An End!

The future of right-back Kyle Walker in the England shirt is said to have ended after he was exposed by the press to reveal a scandal between the global pandemic. However, with abundant resources as a right-back, the team has no reason to regret Walker.

Kyle Walker's Career In England Is Coming To An End!

Time is up …

Coach Gareth Southgate used the word “extremely angry” when he heard about the scandal of Kyle Walker. The right-back was accused by the press of paying £ 2,200 to organize a frantic party during the time when England was struggling against the global epidemic. Kyle Walker was removed from Southgate by Southgate during last year’s England and Bulgaria match. And with the current attitude of the England captain for Walker, it can be confirmed that the door to return to the squad of the right defender has officially closed.

Walker has been a key member of the England defense for a long time, especially at the 2018 World Cup. He has been praised for his ability to support the attack as well as to adapt well to the three defenders’ scheme. So will remove Walker from the England squad leaves a gap in the right-wing corridor? The answer is no!

England has a number of players who can play well at right-back so they can live well for at least another 10 years. People are referring to Trent Alexander-Arnold, Aaron Wan-Bissaka or even Kieran Trippier.

Trent Alexander-Arnold is currently Southgate’s No. 1 choice and the beautiful statistics of his ability to make fans do not even remember Kyle Walker’s contributions. In the last two Premier League seasons, Alexander-Arnold has contributed 24 assists in Liverpool shirt and became the defender with the most assists in the top 5 leagues in Europe.

Coach Gareth Southgate (left) has decided not to summon Kyle Walker to England again
Coach Gareth Southgate (left) has decided not to summon Kyle Walker to England again

Many people are willing to change in England

Although he has just undergone nine matches in the England shirt with a total of 700 minutes of competition, Alexander-Arnold’s potential is huge. However, the British press said that if Southgate wants to promote the full power of Alexander-Arnold, he needs to paint a large sky for the phoenix wingspan. In Liverpool, there has been a lot of talk about coach Juergen Klopp creating an extremely scientific system just to elevate Alexander-Arnold. This 21-year-old boy has been able to grow so quickly by the new support system.

In addition to Alexander-Arnold, Wan-Bissaka will also have a bright future in England. It can be said that owning both Wan-Bissaka and Alexander-Arnold allows coach Southgate to be flexible in terms of gameplay. If Alexander-Arnold is suitable for aggressive attacks, Wan-Bissaka is more suitable if the Three Lions play at the lower door, waiting for the opportunity.

Wan-Bissaka is famous in the Premier League with the ability to block the ball and is a model of a blockade that is rarely overcome by the opponent thanks to long strides, good physical strength, defensive defenses and reckless. Thus, if these two young defenders continue to develop in the future, it can be confirmed that England possesses the best right-wing corridor after many years.

Kieran Trippier is also a very effective backup plan. This player is very strong in fixed situations. He was even considered a successor to take direct free-kick like the old David Beckham.

As such, Kyle Walker can go back in time!

Walker almost 2 years did not contribute to England

Kyle Walker was famous for his ability to climb the sidelines and create goals. And in fact, with 0.14 assists per match in the England shirt, Walker’s performance in the national team is even higher than the club level (0.09 assists per game). However, for nearly two years Walker has not contributed to England an assist. The last time he created a goal in an official match came in May 2017, against Slovenia in the EURO qualifier.

48 – Up to this point, Kyle Waker has played 48 matches in the England shirt. Despite a very good attack, the 29-year-old defender still has not scored a goal for the Three Lions. In return, he has 7 tectonic lines.

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