Kristiansund BK vs Mjondalen Prediction | Eliteserien | 06/24

Kristiansund BK vs Mjondalen prediction: The somewhat unfortunate defeat against FK Haugesund in the last round made Kristiansund BK somewhat lose many advantages and opportunities to be able to rise to the top of the table. And in the next round, only having to receive a Mjodalen who is also playing not too stable will be an opportunity for the home team to find themselves again.

Kristiansund BK vs Mjondalen Prediction


  • Match date: 04:00 pm on 2021/06/24
  • Event: Eliteserien
  • Stage: Matchday 9th
  • Location: Kristiansund Stadion






The defeat against FK Haugesund caused Kristiansund BK to end the previous series of 5 consecutive winning rounds. This team also made it quite difficult for themselves in the current top 3 battle with only 15 points. After 8 rounds, they are in the 3rd position on the table. They are 5 points behind the 2 names above. In general, everything is still not too far away. Kristiansund BK will definitely try to find joy again in the near future if they don’t want to continue to be far behind.

Kristiansund BK vs Mjondalen Prediction

Meanwhile, with Mjondalen, the away team is going through a relatively difficult situation. Only 1 win in the past 6 rounds is gradually causing them to slow down, only 6 points are owned. Owners can only help Mjondalen stay at 13th place on the chart. Having to be a guest on Kristiansund BK’s field in the next round will still be a challenge for Mjondalen. It will be a competition with the match where the home team will have the upper hand and the ability to explode is quite high.

Select: Over FT.


With the home field advantage, Kristiansund BK is still the team that is more appreciated than Mjondalen in this match. In general, the fact that the away team is playing quite unstable will be a favorable opportunity for the host to find their form again. Mjondalen will need to improve a lot if they want to have a breakthrough this season. Their defensive play is quite shallow along with the relatively disappointing attack that brings too many disadvantages to them. An advantage for Kristiansund BK is when there are still elements in the home team’s lineup that always know how to shine. In addition, the ability to play on strange surfaces of Mjondalen is also relatively modest with only 1 victory obtained in the previous 9 trips away from home. The number is not convincing if you know that Kristiansund BK has only lost 2 of the 7 matches played at their home in the past time. The advantage of the yard and the determination to return will help Kristiansund BK play somewhat proactively against Mjondalen. Kristiansund BK will likely get 3 points for themselves.

Select: Kristiansund BK FT.


A match that the correlation in terms of personnel quality along with somewhat contradictory performances will make the balance completely tilt in favor of Kristiansund BK at this point. Most likely they will be the team that gets 3 points against Mjondalen in the upcoming match.

Select: Kristiansund BK FT.


Kristiansund BK has 3 wins in 4 previous encounters with Mjondalen. So the home team can have a basis for confidence in this rematch. Obviously, the fact that Mjondalen is playing quite out of rhythm in the first part of the season. It will be an opportunity that could not be more favorable that Kristiansund BK can take advantage and find a result in their favor.

Kristiansund BK vs Mjondalen prediction: Kristiansund BK 2-1 Mjondalen FT (2-0 H1).

Kristiansund BK vs Mjondalen Prediction


Kristiansund BK: S. Mbaye, B. Sörmo, C. Aasbak, A. Diop, D. Ulvestad, A. Coly, A. Hopmark, F. Kastrati, L. Kalludra, S. Sörli, A. Pellegrino.

Mjondalen: Lund, Solberg, Jansen, Hansen, Latifu, Johansen, Dragsnes, Bergstrom, Brochmann, Aasmundsen, Liseth.

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