Kooteepee vs HIFK Elsinki Prediction | Veikkausliiga | 06/10

Kooteepee vs HIFK Elsinki prediction: A match is considered an opportunity for the away team to find the necessary points. Thereby improving the current ranking in the table when the opponent is a team that is having poor performance and achievements in recent games. How will the players of HIFK Elsinki show a victory to bring about a victory in this confrontation?


  • Match date: 03:30 pm on 06/10/2021
  • Event: Veikkausliiga
  • Stage: Matchday 7th
  • Location: Arto Tolsa Areena






Kooteepee currently has 4 points and is ranked 10th in the table, a rather poor achievement for the home team. Statistics show that Kooteepee has 1 win, 1 draw and has received 3 defeats in the last 5 matches. The lack of concentration and many serious mistakes are causing the team players to fail. The home team faced a lot of difficulties at the reception in the middle of this week.

In the remaining front line, HIFK Elsinki currently has 8 points and is ranked 6th on the rankings, a superior performance compared to the home team. Statistics show that HIFK Elsinki has 2 wins, 2 draws and only 1 defeat in the last 5 matches, having a fairly sublime. The stable performance is helping the visitors gained considerable confidence in the upcoming march away from home.

A match where HIFK Elsinki, although representing the away team, only had to face an opponent that was rated poorly in recent matches. They still entered the game with high speed and overwhelming play in this match. Creating an effective game along with fully mastering the situation on the field will help the visitors’ players gain a lot of confidence along with many situations to approach the opponent’s goal and score goals. The goal soon took the lead. Expect to be an interesting match with many goals for HIFK Elsinki in this confrontation.

Select: Over 2.75 FT.


Being able to compete in the holy place is a great advantage for Kooteepee. But with their poor performance in the past time and not being able to create too much pressure on this opponent. It is really difficult for them to hope for an effective game. Talking about the away team, taking advantage of this and entering confidently, deploying a varied but sure play style along with finding important goals will help HIFK Elsinki players win in this journey away from home.

Select: HIFK Elsinki -1.0 FT.


A victory in this match helps HIFK Elsinki officially rise to 3rd place on the rankings. When the teams still cannot create too much difference in points when the season has just started. And at the same time also create favorable conditions. There is still a long way for them to go in the championship race. Although it is a match away from home, with their superiority, surely HIFK Elsinki will not miss a good opportunity like this. They will play with concentration and effectively converting counter-attack situations into goals that victory will still belong to HIFK Elsinki in this confrontation.

Select: HIFK Elsinki FT.


Kooteepee is currently facing a lot of difficulties so the 3 points in this match help them solve a lot of problems. But with the lack of concentration and making too many mistakes from serious to unfortunate, it seems as there is very little chance for the home team to hope for a good game in this reception. A good signal for the away team, taking advantage of the fact that the opponent has not yet had the most stable competitive mentality. They played hard and effectively prevented the opponent’s dangerous counter-attacks. It is believed that the final victory will still call the names of HIFK Elsinki players in this confrontation.

Kooteepee vs HIFK Elsinki prediction: Kooteepee 1 – 3 HIFK Elsinki FT (1-2 H1).


Kooteepee: Rakovsky, Viitikko, Arkivuo, Eninful, Lahti, Coubronne, Klinga, Assehnoun, Kuningas, Hambo, Imbonco.

HIFK Elsinki: Kollar, Patronen, Toro, Selander, Henninen, Sesay, Andberg, Mattson, Backman, Larsson, Tiquinho.

The above is information about the prediction in the 7th match between Kooteepee vs HIFK Elsinki of Veikkausliiga on 06/10/2021 of CMD368 bookie.