Kobe Bryant Sent Emotional Messages At The Last Interview

The interview for the documentary The Last Dance was also one of the last times Kobe Bryant appeared. There, he shared a lot of messages towards Michael Jordan, his idol.

Kobe Bryant Sent Emotional Messages At The Last Interview

Kobe Bryant sent emotional messages at the last interview before his death

Episode 5 of the documentary The Last Dance will open with the image of Michael Jordan at the 1998 All-Star Game, where he interacted with a 19-year-old talent named Kobe Bryant, who has just become the youngest player in NBA history was selected into the All-Star squad.

Before the match, Kobe was the main topic of conversation in the dressing room of the East when Jordan prepared everyone – even himself – for Kobe Bryant to try to fight 1-1 in the match.

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“That Lakers boy will play one on one against all,” Michael Jordan said. “He doesn’t wait for the game to go to where he will play and take it. I will give him satisfaction, I will make the game 1-1 with him.”

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Kobe Bryant shines among the stars at the 1998 All-Star Game
Kobe Bryant shines among the stars at the 1998 All-Star Game

As the match progressed, Kobe and Jordan repeatedly fought back. MJ promised his teammates that Kobe would “get enough” in the defense before the young LA star had the opportunity to directly defend Jordan.

Recalling the All-Star match that year, Bryant realized the rivalry in every ball. However, he enjoyed the encounter with the person he idolized throughout his career.

“When I grew up, I watched Michael on TV and now I’m facing him again. You will have a chance to really feel the strength, agility and speed of MJ,” Kobe Bryant shared in an interview for The Last Dance, 1 month before his sudden death.

At that time, Michael Jordan was not really ready to cede the throne to Kobe, but this did not mean being ready to pass on the experience to a rising young star of the tournament. Kobe goes on to recount:

“For me, the early years in the NBA were quite difficult because there were many older players at the tournament. The NBA didn’t have as many young players today, so no one thought much of me. I was just one. he had an airball party, but at that moment, Michael showed me a lot of directions …

I treat him like my older brother. I would not have won the championship five times without him because MJ led me, giving me lots of good advice”.

Kobe Bryant shared that without MJ, he wouldn't have had five NBA championship rings
Kobe Bryant shared that without MJ, he wouldn’t have had five NBA championship rings

Unlike the relationship between today’s NBA stars and social media and phones everywhere, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan spend time together in secret. What fans know only appears thanks to these two myths shared with the public.

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Thanks to the tearful memorial service when Kobe died in January, Michael Jordan just cried, just told about the call at 3 am to ask the advice of “little brother”.

The Last Dance is a 10-episode documentary series about the 1997-98 season, the last year in the Chicago Bulls’ dominant NBA empire.

Lasting 10 hours, The Last Dance is a compilation of hundreds of hours of filming stored in the NBA database for 2 decades. Almost all of this footage was untouched until Michael Jordan officially nodded in 2016.

The content of 10 episodes revolves around the pieces that bring the Chicago Bulls empire to the top. But in parallel, the factors that pulled one of the greatest NBA teams in history into the quagmire also appeared, contributing to the Bulls star-studded lineup officially disbanding shortly after the 6th championship in 8 seasons.

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