Klopp Criticized Atletico For ‘Dirty Play’ To Win At All Costs

Coach Juergen Klopp was extremely angry and criticized Atletico Madrid for playing negative to win against Liverpool in the 1/8 round of the Champions League.

Klopp criticized Atletico for ‘dirty play’ to win at all costs

Losing 0-1 in the first leg on the opponent’s field, Liverpool was full of determination to make a comeback in the second leg when playing at field home.

Georginio Wijnaldum and Roberto Firmino scored 2 goals for the Red Brigade but that was not enough when Liverpool had to receive 3 goals in 2 extra innings. To lose with a total score of 2-4 after 2 matches, the Red Brigade bitterly became the former king in the Champions League.

Liverpool had completely dominated the ball control time as well as the number of shots on target but still could not beat Atletico full of intrigue. And coach Klopp felt that the opponent was playing negatively despite having an equally inferior squad.

Klopp told BT Sport that it was difficult to play against rivals like Atletico. He did not know why with stars like Koke, Llorente or Saul they play football so negatively.

Of course, they accepted the loser but he was still very sorry when the players had played hard against the two defenders. Liverpool had had good luck in the past 2 years but that everything was against them.

“Congratulations Atletico but to be honest I feel their victory was not convincing at all,” Klopp added in anger.

Klopp Criticized Atletico For 'Dirty Play' To Win At All Costs

After a period of sublimation at the beginning of the season, Liverpool has had to receive bad results in recent weeks. They were unable to keep the unbeaten circuit in the Premier League, stopped in the fifth round of the FA Cup and just officially became the former king in the Champions League.

Can you less … monotone ?

Up to half of the top 10 best coaches in the world 2019 work in national teams. For many years, the type of football of the national teams has been “seriously devalued”, no longer has the reputation of the ruling elite. Of the remaining 5, Marcelo Gallardo is leading the River Plate. He never appeared outside the South American bridge village. The other four are the 4 best coaches in the world in the FIFA poll. Specific order: Juergen Klopp (Liverpool), Mauricio Pochettino, Pep Guardiola (Man City), Erik ten Hag (Ajax).

Pochettino was fired by Tottenham. Ten Hag’s Ajax did not make it to the Champions League group stage, having just moved to the Europa League, which was eliminated in the first knockout round. Guardiola and Man City were soon to be knocked out in the Premier League, with losses equal to Sheffield United and more than Wolverhampton. Now, Juergen Klopp and Liverpool are in turn eliminated from the Champions League.

Klopp Criticized Atletico For 'Dirty Play' To Win At All Costs

Each person can look at Liverpool’s failure from a different perspective. One of them: Liverpool failed not because of the dramatic match in the second leg. Mostly because they lost the first leg 0-1 at Atletico Madrid. It was a match in which the Champions League champions had absolutely no finish in the right direction.

The return leg was, of course, different, as its circumstances were dominated by the outcome of the first leg. Liverpool bombarded the opponent’s goal up to 34 times? That is the number that indicates the effectiveness of the attack. It seems like they have to shoot 17 times to get 1 goal. In the Premier League, Liverpool only has to shoot the ball 7 times to get 1 goal.

But, the problem is that Klopp‘s teachers and students seem to not know what to do if they go out without taking care of the old forte: attacking and attacking. When criticizing the opponent for defense, Klopp himself admitted he was … bad. So do not knowingly accept failure. Klopp said if he honestly said what he thought, it was worse. He would become the worst loser ever. 

Attacking forever is one thing. Attacking that way to get a goal is another story. Only 7/34 recent shelling came from the passes of the midfielders in the main team. The restriction of the Liverpool midfielder, people have said it forever. The problem is that Klopp will have to change his playstyle and perspective before Liverpool can get creative midfielders. Like Pep or Pochettino, Klopp ultimately pays the price for his … monotone.

The work this season is considered to be done soon (not so bad for the Premier League title, if this tournament is not canceled). The next problem: Will Klopp have to think of a way to change … himself, if he doesn’t want to be outdated?
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