Kevin Love donated $100,000 to the unemployed because of COVID-19

As one of the players with a lot of social activities and also the owner of the typical NBA Basketball Cares Community Assist Award, Kevin Love has once again joined hands in the NBA Basketball suspension period due to Covid-19 ( Corona Virus).

Kevin Love donated $100,000 to the unemployed because of COVID-19

He pledged $ 100,000 to help pay the staff of the Cavs affected by Covid-19 ( Corona Virus)

Cleveland Cavaliers superstar striker became the next to join the trend of supporting workers during the NBA Basketball postponement period because of Covid-19 (Corona Virus).

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After Mark Cuban sought to secure fans’ income by creating a job program through social activities, Kevin Love today donated $100,000 directly, equivalent to about VND 2.3 billion. The money will be donated through the Kevin Love Fund and transferred to the workers, officials and employees at the stadium where Cleveland Cavaliers is stationed.

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Sharing on his personal Instagram, Kevin Love posted photos of himself taken with more than 100 employees in the yard, accompanied by an emotional description:

“Everyone has different reactions in this stressful situation. And the fear and anxiety about the Covid-19 (Corona Virus) outbreak in the US can be huge.

Kevin Love is one of the many community-driven players.

Kevin Love is one of the many community-driven players.
he is one of the many community-driven players.

Through basketball, we were able to deal with a lot of big problems, standing side by side like a tournament full of positivity, taking care of the players, the fans and the community where we work hand have jobs.

I understand people’s anxiety level and that is why I will pledge to send $ 100,000 to the Kevin Love Fund to support the Cavaliers home workers, whose lives have been turned upside down. when NBA Basketball suspended the season because of Covid-19 (Corona Virus). I hope that through this difficult time, others will join me in supporting our communities.

A global pandemic is not simply a health crisis. It affects many people and many walks of life. It is important that those who have mental problems will be very vulnerable during a pandemic outbreak.

I also advise everyone to take care of their health and visit those around them who need help. Live well together for the better. “

" Just Live well together, we can make things better" - Kevin Love
” Just Live well together, we can make things better” – Kevin Love

Kevin Love, part of the 2016 Cavs Championship team, has been a leading advocate for mental health since his 2018 article in The Player Tribune, in which he opened up about the struggle. mine.

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The Kevin Love Foundation aims to inspire people to live their healthiest lives while providing tools to achieve physical and mental health. You can donate here. This pillar of Cavs can use your support.

It is not just Kevin Love, who is trying to become a positive presence. The owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban also pledged to keep an eye on his organization’s employees during the outage.

As one journalist shared, the NNBA Basketball suspension of the tournament because of a pandemic was unprecedented. Therefore, actions like Kevin Love‘s are extremely commendable during the time when the whole world is engulfed in negativity.

Hopefully, after Mark Cuban and Kevin Love, many other NBA Basketball players, organizations and individuals will join the trend to help workers who are unemployed in the NBA Basketball during the Covid-19 ( Corona Virus) rage.
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