Kevin Garnett Is Ambitious To Bring The NBA Back To Seattle

Legendary Kevin Garnett said he wanted to bring an NBA team back to Seattle after the Supersonics moved to Oklahoma City and changed its name to Thunder.

Kevin Garnett is ambitious to bring the NBA back to Seattle

A former player in the Kevin Garnett Hall of Fame aims to bring the Seattle Supersonics team back to the NBA map. The 43-year-old legend wants to buy a team and move back to Washington state.

If he had a dream that time, he would buy the Seattle Supersonics and actually bring the North West Pacific region back to life. “That’s essential and essential. Seattle is an important part of the tournament and I really want to be the one who can do it, “the Minnesota Timberwolves legend shared.

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Throughout his basketball career, Kevin Garnett has almost no connection with Seattle Supersonics. He was born in North Carolina, raised in Chicago, playing for the Minnesota Timberwolves, Boston Celtics as well as Brooklyn Nets.

Garnett repeatedly lost in the confrontation with Supersonics in Seattle
Garnett repeatedly lost in the confrontation with Supersonics in Seattle

For Garnett, Seattle is not a good place. He has been to Washington State as a guest of the Supersonics 27 times in the NBA, winning only eight times. The former Timberwolves player is not the only one who wants to rebuild the Sonics brand.

Seattle Supersonics joined the NBA house in 1967 and survived for 41 years. They won the NBA Championship in 1979 and have a total of 3 finalists in the tournament. By 2008, the team changed hands and was taken to Oklahoma City, renamed Thunder.

After retiring in 2016, Kevin Garnett made no secret of his intention to become an entrepreneur and own a team like Michael Jordan. He almost became one of the Minnesota Timberwolves shareholders but ran into a conflict with the largest shareholder Glen Taylor.

He did not bother to hang his shirt at the Minnesota Timberwolves, accusing the boss of being a fraud

Kevin Garnett will become a member of Naismith Hall of Fame this August. His shirt number will be drawn to the ceiling of the TD Garden by the Boston Celtics next season, but there will be no tribute to him in the Minnesota Timberwolves, where he devoted 13 years of his career.

More precisely, Garnett did not want any honors to take place. In fact, the 43-year-old former player wants to give more to the Timberwolves, maybe even stick with his entire career with the city of Minneapolis. However, all did not happen because of the boss Glen Taylor.

Previously, Kevin Garnett had agreed with the late legendary coach Flip Saunders that the 15-time All-star player will enter the Board of Directors after retirement and will succeed Glen Taylor. Taylor agreed with this plan until Saunders died of Hodgkin’s disease.

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Kevin Garnett still has a plan to buy the Timberwolves
Kevin Garnett still has a plan to buy the Timberwolves

“Glen knows how I feel, I don’t care. Perhaps he is under pressure from the supporters and the community here,” Garnett told The Athletic that Glen Taylor and he had had a deal, but it had gone away when Coach Flip died. “I didn’t forgive Glen. I used to think he was a righteous man, a righteous businessman, until Flip it out. “

“Actually, there’s nothing to complain about. I just want to take the next steps. Right now, I don’t want to work with Glen Taylor and his corporation. I love the Timberwolves, love the people who used to work with me. Minneapolis and Minnesota always have a special place in my heart, but I will never work with a poisonous snake. “

This was not the first time Kevin Garnett had felt betrayed by Glen Taylor. The former pioneer of 1976 wanted to stick with his Minnesota Timberwolves, but Taylor’s disrespectful contract offer ($ 36 million over three years instead of 60 million) pushed him to the Boston Celtics.

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