Kashima vs Shimizu S-Pulse Prediction | J. League | 06/06

Kashima vs Shimizu S-Pulse prediction: In the framework of the Japan Cup, Kashima will welcome Shimizu S-pulse players in the second leg match this weekend. A match is considered an opportunity for Kashima to find a victory and win a ticket to play in the next match. Their opponent is a team located in the lower area of ​​the domestic league table.


  • Match date: 06:00 am on 06/06/2021
  • Event: J. League
  • Stage: 1/8 finals
  • Location: Kashima Soccer Stadium





Kashima currently has 27 points and is ranked 8th in the table. Pretty good achievement for the home team in the domestic league. Statistics show that Kashima has 3 wins and 2 defeats in the last 5 matches. A performance that is quite high, but not really stable, of the home team players and needs to be further improved this topic. So, they can get the best out of their reception this weekend.

Shimizu S-pulse currently has only 15 points and is ranked 15th on the Japanese league table, a much worse performance than Kashima. Statistics show that Shimizu S-pulse only got 1 win, 1 draw and had to receive 3 consecutive defeats. The lackluster performance and continuous mistakes are causing the visitors to encounter many difficulties in the upcoming march away from home.

A match where it seems that every advantage is in Kashima’s favor and there is certainly no reason for the home team not to enter at a high speed and overwhelming the opponent. Creating an effective position and controlling the situation on the field will give the home team players more opportunities to find early goals to take the lead. It will be an interesting match and many goals appear for Kashima in this confrontation.

Select: Over FT.


A match in their own sanctuary with only having to host a much weaker opponent. Kashima knows very well that this is a better opportunity for them to decide the number of opponents to continue or stop at this point. Entering with confidence and putting a considerable amount of pressure on the away team, deploying an effective game along with finding goals from dangerous opportunities. This will help Kashima players get the victory in this match.

Select: Kashima FT.


With a close victory in the first leg on the opponent’s field, Kashima has a great opportunity to decide whether to get a ticket to continue or stop at this time. And with such superiority, Kashima will certainly not miss this opportunity, focus on playing and effectively converting counterattacks into goals. Believing that victory will still belong to the home team member in this confrontation.

Select: Kashima FT.

Kashima vs Shimizu S-Pulse prediction: Kashima 3 – 1 Shimizu S-pulse FT.


Kashima: Nícolas, Samir, S. De Maio, R. Becão, H. Ter Avest, R. Pereyra, T. Arslan, R. De Paul, K. Lasagna, T. Ouwejan, S. Okaka.

Shimizu S-pulse: T. Umeda, A. Santos, Y. Tatsuta, E. Souza, H. Seok Ho, R. Takeuchi, Y. Goto, R. Augusto Junior, C. Junior, S. Kaneko, K. Nishizawa.

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