Kane Certainly Leaves Tottenham Club, MU Leads The Race

Former England and West Ham star Tony Cottee says it is almost certain striker Harry Kane will leave Tottenham Club to find new challenges at the end of his career.

Kane Certainly Leaves Tottenham Club, MU Leads The Race

Kane matured from the Tottenham youth academy, joining the first team in 2009. So far, he has been the mainstay of Spurs with 136 goals in 198 appearances. Despite being a top scorer, Kane has not had any titles in his career.

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Therefore, Cottee thinks Kane will almost certainly part ways with Tottenham Club this summer in search of his glory because the striker is about to turn 27, the most prolific age of his career.

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Kane Certainly Leaves Tottenham Club, MU Leads The Race

“I think that time will come when Kane says:” I have done everything possible. I have scored a lot of goals for Spurs, but for many reasons that did not happen”. Tottenham has a great stadium, great fans, but they have not won any titles yet. is something Kane wants to enjoy before he ends his career.

You want to experience the feeling of winning the Premier League or Champions League, but at the moment I don’t see Kane being able to do it at Spurs. I think it’s inevitable for him to leave. If it doesn’t happen next year, I think Kane will leave, maybe summer next year”, Cottee said.

Currently, MU is leading the race to sign Kane’s signature. In addition to the confirmed class, Kane has had many years of top-level battle in the Premier League, so the Red Devils certainly do not have to bother with the integration of the English striker.

However, the difficulty for MU is that the Tottenham Club side recently stated that they are ready to let Kane go if they receive 200 million pounds. This is obviously a huge amount of money that any team must consider.

Giant partner keeps an eye

Currently, Tottenham Club is still looking for a £ 1 billion stadium name copyright agreement. According to Sportsmail, Amazon has expressed considerable interest in a potential partnership.

While the deals are far from complete, especially due to the financial uncertainty of the global epidemic, Amazon’s contact with Spurs is accurate. Besides Amazon, the famous sports brand Nike is also expected to embark on a deal with Tottenham Club.

Amazon actually had business deals with Tottenham, when they spent the entire filming season at the club for the upcoming backstage documentary called “All or Nothing”.

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President Daniel Levy believes he can help Tottenham earn £ 250 million for at least 10 years from the stadium name copyright agreement. If successful, this will be the most lucrative stadium deal in history.

The global appeal of the Premier League and Champions League is a clear attraction when companies are interested in partnering with Spurs.

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

In addition to football, Tottenham’s pitch is also used to host rugby matches, other high-profile social and sporting events, making the pitch name agreement even more attractive.

In the latest developments, the newly announced Tottenham Hotspur Stadium will be a venue for service and treatment for patients from North Middlesex University Hospital unrelated to the epidemic, to avoid transmission spread.

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